Your story is far more interesting than you think

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Your story is far more interesting than you think!! ✨

All of the things that led you to here.. they are not nothing!

I was talking to a client the other day, who is pitching their expertise in a big way. They were having some concerns about it, completely forgetting the THOUSANDS of hours they have spent learning and understanding the subject they teach about.

We all do this! “Who am I to be doing ______?”

It’s so common, feeling like a fraud – especially when just starting out. But even people who’ve been doing their work for a long time can doubt themselves.

We live in the water we’re swimming in – it is so easy to forget the journey that brought us here and we neglect to give credit to the amount of time, attention, devotion, study, and learning that we have invested into our own knowledge.

You have gifts that come from your own path – don’t be afraid to talk about how you got here.

Even though your story is familiar – oh so familiar to ourselves! – it is way more interesting, valuable than you think. You’ve earned the perspective you come from! The good, the bad, the ugly, the gorgeous.. all of it.

You don’t have to share every dang thing that has ever happened to you. But, if you look at your life – what are the things that led you here, offering what you offer?

Your story might be an important part of your #marketingstrategy.

Be proud and open about how life has given you the tools to do what you do.

Be proud of the amount of time you’ve spent deep diving and learning the things you’re passionate about.

It counts!! Every second. They add up.

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