Do you know the story your brand is telling?

Do you know your brand story?

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Your brand has a story to tell.

With any powerful story – there are key elements that make a story good AND memorable.

1. There’s action – a plot, something happening with the main characters. For your business, this is the stuff that you DO for your clients – how you help and what you deliver on. It’s part of your brand story and worth telling over and over again.

Just because YOU are super clear about what you do and how you it, doesn’t mean that potential clients understand. So, you have to keep speaking it – telling the story – the plot – of your business.

2. An effective story teaches us something that we can apply and use in our lives. It can be a simple recipe or how to break six figures in our business. What is it that you want your business to teach people and how can your BRAND help you to do that?

3. Transformation – People are always wanting to change, to be better – they want solutions to their problems. Your brand helps make that happen. Imagine that your clients are the main character – and they get to grow and change by doing business with you.

The other day, I got one of my photographs printed as one of those large engineer prints. Something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, and it only cost me $8. Every time I walk by it, hanging on my wall – I’m reminded of my love for photography, I’m brought back to the moment I took this particular shot of my kids and I’m lifted up a little, in touch with the experiences in life that I most want to have.

It was a very small purchase, but it gives me great joy – this is a great example of how a business can give transformation to their customers.

Of course, I highly doubt that staples had this intention when they decided to offer this service – but imagine a business that DID, that was super clear about how cool these giant prints were and they were promoting and creating that with a powerful brand story?  I, for sure, would MUCH rather do business with them, wouldn’t you?

4. A powerful story makes something possible – something we didn’t know or haven’t yet discovered. The story tells us – there is MORE to life, you create your own reality – you can have any life that you want. And your business helps makes that a reality.

5. A strong brand story makes us FEEL something – hope, joy, love, beauty, community, connection, health, vitality, motivation, clarity. How does your brand make people feel?  Think about your products and services – when your dream client chooses to do business with you and they apply whatever it is that you’re selling, how does that make them feel?

So what do you do you with this brand story?

Well, when you get clear about the story that YOU most want to tell with your business, you can start to incorporate the message and theme of your story in EVERYTHING that you put out in the world.

From the products and services that you provide, to the blog posts you write, to the type of customers you connect with, the customer service you provide, to the colors and images you use on social media, etc.

When everything you do is firmly grounded in your story, then your brand gets more and more crystalized. It becomes the culture of your business and what you’ll be knowns for.

Potential customers will interpret what your business is all about easily, they’ll jive with what you have to say.. AND the people that you most want to serve will GET IT – they’ll want to be your customer and delight in doing business with you.

To help you get VERY clear about your brand story, as part of the #30daybrandchallenge, I created some writing prompts in worksheet form to get you thinking about in a deeper way about the story you most want your brand to tell. Join the challenge to get access to this and challenge bonuses.


It’s super smart to regularly check in with your brand story – it can change… Plot TWIST!  🙂

For sure, your business will ALWAYS be creating a story, just make sure that YOU are the author of that story and that you’re carefully crafting it – in service of your clients AND in service of the kind of business you most want to create.

Tomorrow in the challenge…  We’re going to come up with a clear, easy way to communicate and SHARE your story with the world.

See you tomorrow,