You have to show up for the things that matter…

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Looking for extra support as you grow your business?  

Base Camp is my group coaching program. You can join anytime.  

Or, reach out to chat about one-on-one coaching/mentoring support. 


I do sometimes feel like a broken record about this… the name of the game for anything you want to create is showing up for it.

Doing the work, talking about your ideas, engaging with community, inviting people in, letting people know that you are available.

It’s an ongoing, lather-rinse-repeat kind of thing.

AND.. showing up and promoting ourselves and our work – that can be hard. We have to meet and work through our own resistance and fears, we have to push out of comfort and be vulnerable. We have to risk people going against what we have to say.

It’s not easy work. And it is very much why I created Base Camp – my group coaching program. So we can grow and expand ourselves in the work we are so committed to.

When you are a solo business owner, doing all the things yourself.. if can get lonely and hard staying in creative mode. As humans, we need support. To stay the course, to push beyond our safety zone, to keep going.

Every week we meet and talk about our work, we game plan and get organized, we investigate our resistance, we heal and grow and support each other to make those brilliant ideas happen.

This program is super affordable, you can join or leave anytime and the people who are in the group will become part of your trusted team. #truth

Let me know if you have any questions.. I’d love to see you at Base Camp.


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