You don’t have to be internet famous

Success with your online business does not require that you have a huge following

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You don’t have to be “internet famous” to be successful with your online business.

Let’s talk about success.

Does being famous = success?
Nope. Unless begin famous *is* your big dream? If so, you might dig deeper and ask yourself why that’s important to you. What does being famous mean for you, your business and your life?

I’d wager there is something far more important to you than fame.

We all have our own quest for purpose, for meaning, for living a quality life. Long before the internet came along, people were happy just doing their thing – no need to collect likes and comments. No need to go viral.

People just doing honest work, trying to create something worth living for.

You have goals and dreams and ideas.
They are good good good. And valid, too.
Yummy and precious.

We all want to experience a good life, a satisfying existence, harmony and joy, fulfillment.

Those are the real metrics for success. Not how many people follow us on instagram.

Likes don’t guarantee business success. Likes don’t pay the bills.

You don’t need to connect with the whole big, wide world. Yes, the internet makes this possible – in theory. But do you need to have the whole wide world hire you? Could you even deal with that level of “success?”

We only need enough. Enough customers, enough income to live how we want to live, enough people to create community and connection.

We don’t have to create content to connect with every dang person on the planet! We don’t need people sharing our memes all over the place. They can if they want to, but that isn’t the point.

What we need is to connect. With people that are interested in our work and who want to hire us for what we do. We only really need enough people to make our business profitable, sustainable, enjoyable, fulfilling. That, to me, is success.

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