Why I think brand clarity so dang important!

Why I think brand clarity is so dang important!

If you want to have your business stand out, you want to book more clients, get noticed, and attract more people into your circle… then branding is something you for sure should be thinking about.

Maybe not ALL the time, but often.

And when I talk about branding, I don’t mean your logo, or what colors you choose. Yes, those things are important, but they come AFTER what I’m talking about here today.

Brand Clarity

Brand clarity is all about getting yourself clear about the vibe, personality, commitment and vision of your business. The more grounded you are in this, the more you can write and create from the spirit and voice of your brand.

Why is this important?

In today’s business world (and really in all of life) the thing that people want more than most anything is to feel connected. Aren’t you craving that?

People also really want to feel like they are part of something that’s good and that matters, that makes a difference in some way.

No matter what type of business you have – when YOU are connected to what matters to you and your business and when you’re able to convey that message in your marketing, services and products… then other people get to feel and be part of your vision.

Which is inspiring.

Being in the presence of vision, of possibility, of that deep joy we feel doing work that we love.. when people get to be around that, THEY get lifted up.

Don’t you feel that way, too? Inspired when you see someone who is really creating magic with what they do? It gives us hope and joy when the we get to see the purity of the human spirit accomplishing goals and dreams.

And when people feel that toward you and your work, they will feel more connected to what YOU do and offer.

That connection leads to trust and trust leads to sales. Which, of course, is what we all want more of in our business, right?

But, you don’t JUST want that. You want to feel like the work you do matters. In whatever big and small (especially the small) ways that you contribute to life being a better place.. you want that to stay with you while you go about doing your job.

The best way to stay connected to your purpose is to create a brand.

A rock solid brand that has your purpose and inspiration shine through in all that you do.

It sounds so simple and obvious – create something worth doing, and have the vision of that stay alive so you and your customers will feel some inspiration from it – with every sale and every interaction.

But is can be a lot harder to create for many reasons. (doubt, fear, 2nd guessing, feeling confused, etc.)

This is why brand CLARITY is important – so that you can know exactly what your brand is all about – you have words for it and ways to stay in touch with the bigger picture vision of what your work is REALLY about.

Then, of course, from that clarity – you can create your visuals, choose your colors, create a logo. All of that then serves to bring your business vision to life.

BUT, the real work of creating a brand is to get out there and share about it, show up, connect, talk to people and make sure that the brand vision is with your every step of the way.

This is the very heart of the work I do with my clients and students. It’s what I love more than anything – giving people fresh confidence to share (from a place of heart and vision) about the work they do.

If I can be of any assistance helping you get clarity, please let me know!  And be sure to check out my courses and services to help you create your BOLD, inspiring brand!