What’s the big deal about branding, anyway?

Why is everyone talking about branding and why is it such a big deal for your business?

If you hang out in any of the amazing online business circles these days, you’re bound to run into this message:

You need to brand!

But do you really?  And what the heck does it mean to brand, anyway?

Branding is such a buzz word these days, and I know that it feels like you should definitely get on the branding train.  But if you don’t full understand what it means to brand yourself or your business, then the idea of creating a signature brand can be overwhelming and confusing.

So, let’s break it down a little, shall we?


First, I’m going to talk about what branding is not.

It’s not a logo.  Or a set of colors.  Or the fonts that you choose.  It’s not a great set of pro-photos and it’s not the services you provide.

All of those things can influence and assist your brand to stand out.  But your brand is so much more than all of that.

Branding is an EXPERIENCE.

It’s how you make your clients FEEL when they interact with you and your business.

It’s the way you communicate and CONNECT with the people that you do business with.

It’s a vibe that people can see, feel, taste, hear and smell.  It impacts them in their senses.

If you are consistent and bold and true to your brand, people will know that they are interacting with YOU when they come into contact with anything that you’ve done.

Your mark is clear.  Your message is straight.

People will experience something when they hang with your brand.  And that experience will build quality relationships with your tribe.  (which then will lead to paying clients, people that eagerly WANT to work with you!)

Branding is about POSSIBILITY.

When people see your posts on instagram, or they read your blog, and when they decide to do business with you… they will find themselves moving toward a particular possibility.  A dream.  A desire.

Your job in creating your brand is to infuse new life into your dream client’s imaginations.

You bring a promise, a hope, a solution that will make their life better.

The purpose of your brand is to inspire people to want to live this new possibility.

When you share on social media or on your website – you give potential clients the opportunity to dream and experience a world that YOUR business perfectly provides.

You offer to them the solutions, services, and direction they need to achieve the life they really want.

This is what branding is all about.


The thing is, you are already creating a brand, whether you’re doing so consciously – or not.

People experience SOMETHING when they interact with your business.  And that something may be wonderful and amazing, or it could be lacking.

It may even totally suck.  If you don’t respond to emails quickly, or you don’t deliver your product or service on time.  If you are rude to people, or flaky.  Those things create a brand just as effectively as stellar customer service will.  It will just be the kind of brand that noone wants to do business with.

You are ALWAYS creating your brand.

You just may not be doing so intentionally.

INTENTIONAL branding is when you get to step in and create the kind of experience that your dream clients are most wanting and that YOU are most wanting to provide.

An effective, BOLD brand is a combination of:

  • your business VISION
  • what your customers EXPERIENCE as they do business with you
  • the IMPACT you make in the world
  • how deeply you CONNECT with your clients and customers
  • and how clearly you COMMUNICATE – both with your WORDS and VISUALLY

So, things like your logo and the colors you choose DO impact your brand, but they are only a small part the entire EXPERIENCE that your brand provides.

Being clear about your brand vision, the experience you give your customers, and the impact you make will help your brand deliver something magical.

Paying attention to how you communicate and making sure you deeply connect with your clients is what will have your brand stand out.

So, yes, you do need to CREATE a brand – an intentional, bold brand vs. having some default brand be what people come to know.

Yes, it can feel overwhelming to get this fully implemented into your business.   And, it can be confusing figuring out how to start.

But, remember that you are ALWAYS creating your brand.  So bringing intention to what your brand is all about – one blog post, one instagram photo, one client at a time – is what will have you shape an experience for your clients that will develop into a memorable brand.

Memorable brands are what lead to business success, so start today and you’ll be one step closer to your business dreams.

You’ll be one step closer to creating a business that matters, that you love, that people want to do business with and that has you know that what you’re doing makes a difference.

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