What should be on your homepage?

What should be on the homepage of your website?

There are many, many options of what you can put on your homepage. Because of that, it’s probably the most complicated page that you’re going to create for your website.

So, how do you go about planning and creating a homepage that will help your business GROW?

Well, first off – you’ll want to get clear about the purpose of your entire website. What is it that you most want to happen when people visit you online?

Do you want them to book a discovery session with you?

Do you want them to buy your art?

Do you want them to sign up for a course?

Do you want them to join your Facebook community?

There are likely many actions that you want people to take – but the ultimate goal is to convert your visitors into paying customers, right?

So, write down what YOUR specific goals are so you know the PURPOSE that your website need to fulfill.

Once you’ve established that, you can then think about your homepage.

Your homepage is the main entry point into your business. So what is the FIRST thing you want people to know when they land on your website?

I’d suggest starting the page with a bold opening line that tells people exactly what you do, who you serve and how you can help.

Then, I would give them the very next ACTION you want them to take. 

This might be:

  • A button to book a discovery session.
  • A link to your portfolio, maybe include a few examples for visual interest.
  • A sign up for your newsletter.
  • Some examples of what you sell and a link to your shop.

Get clear about the most important action you’d like your visitors to take and then make is super easy for them to take that action.

Your homepage could be as simple as that!  A clear opening line and an action you want people to take.

But, you might want (or need) more on your home page.

Here are some things you could include:
  • Featured offers
  • Blog section with your latest posts
  • Contact form
  • Intro section telling people who you are and what your company does
  • An invite to a special event, webinar or upcoming course
  • Images – no one wants to be welcomed by a huge block of text to read!
  • Testimonials or a “featured in” section
  • Resources
  • Social media icons
  • Newsletter sign up
  • Portfolio items
  • Featured products for sale

Of course, there are other things you can include, but this list should get you started.

Do you need all of that stuff above?

Absolutely NOT!  Please don’t in fact.

It’s just too much. You want your homepage to be a welcoming, inviting experience that has your visitor want to click through and keep learning more.

It’s an INTRODUCTION. You don’t need your whole, super long, full story of why you do the work you do. Save that for your about page. Just give a teaser to get people interested and want to know more about your business.

How do you decide what all to include?

Well, you have to really think about your ideal clients. When they first come to your website, what do they most need to know to keep exploring your site further?

What would be a nice a way to introduce your business to people?

What are the most important next steps you want people to take? Navigate people to those things.

Don’t overwhelm people with choices! Keep it as simple and as straightforward as you can.

Don’t be vague and confusing – you want to give people a solid intro to who you are so they’ll know if your business is for them.

Your homepage needs to be a solid first impression, so really think about what someone who is brand new to your work needs to know and then create a page that delivers on that.

Have questions or need more help planning out your website?  Check out the Website Planning Workshop – a DIY course that will help you map out your entire website – lickety split!