What is the personality of your brand?

What is the personality of your brand - the voice and vibe that has you stand out and get noticed?
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How do you come across as you convey your brand message?

Your brand voice is YOUR VIBE, the spirit of your business. It’s the personality that you convey.

Think about it. If you’re selling skateboards to radical youngsters, you’d have ways of speaking that would make sense in that market.

You wouldn’t be all stiff and formal, ya know? ?

Same thing if your business is financial consulting. You wouldn’t want to be too casual, but you also don’t have to be boring!

You can still be fun and totally YOU, but you’d use a tone of reliability and trust – because you’re talking about people’s money!

Now, you COULD be all dry and stiff and keep it completely “professional.” Lots of people do that. But YOU aren’t lots of people.

No matter what you’re selling, you still want your brand to be YOU – you don’t want to pretend to be someone else. You want to be authentic and true to who you are.

If you’re a financial planner, but you bring a good dose of woo-woo to the mix and your dream client is a hippie dippy, tree hugging mama, who also happens to want their finances to ROCK… you wouldn’t want to be Mr. Formal Tax Man, would you?

Knowing your business voice will help you create your visuals, write your copy and say what you have to say – in a way that your DREAM client can hear it and want to do business with you.

Awesome, right?

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I’m going to have you pick 3-5 words that would describe the vibe – or the voice and personality of your brand.

For example, these are the words that I want to convey with my brand:

Fun, Creative, Quirky, Bold, Clear

I then took it a little further and, let me tell you – I use this OFTEN in my business!

I keep it near my computer and consult it whenever I’m writing or creating or choosing imagery for my brand:


Quirky, but Clear
Fun, but Productive
Bold, but Professional

And that says so much about me and my business – it’s totally who I am! The more I stay true to this voice, the more I feel like I can totally be myself, but still fulfill the vision I’ve created with my business.

Your challenge action prompt for day 5 of the #30daybrandchallenge:

Get clear about your brand voice – the personality behind your brand message. It should just be a couple of words that help you “get into character” whenever you put something out there in the world.

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It’s really important to know and understand your brand voice + vibe as you set out to establish yourself and market your business.

Applying your brand voice will have everything you do be consistent and start to become recognizable in the market place. It’s sets the tone for your graphics, your copy and the products/services that you create. AND, it can be used as a litmus test to determine if you’re staying “on brand.”

I have a client who has a very fun, quirky vibe to her brand, but what she’s teaching people about is super scientific and brainy. That quirky vibe sets her apart and the more that she stays true to it, the more interesting her copy is to read and the more fun her visuals are to interact with. It sets an engaging tone, all while talking about a complicated subject. It’s what makes her brand so special.

On the agenda for tomorrow…  We’re going to start exploring IMAGERY and how all those pretty pictures can really make or break your brand.

See you then,