What are you committed to?

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What are you committed to?

It’s such a good question to dwell in.

What am I committed to. Right now? With this interaction. This share. This story I’m telling.

I am committed to art. What does that mean? How is that being expressed in what I’m doing in my life? How can I connect to and fulfill my commitment here. And what is the commitment?

I can answer and talk about commitment easily. Because I practice. I ask myself and answer these questions. often as I go about my day. The answers are rich and complex.

I am committed to love. To being loving. How can I be that for the people in my life? What boundaries do I need to be able to show up fully? To open my heart. To exchange energy with another. Being conscious to what and how I’m impacted. Making sure I’m engaged in healthy exchanges, whenever possible. Can’t always choose. But can always choose to come from a loving place, so long as I’m also protectively loving myself.

I am committed to magic. Possibility. The wonder and spirit of it all. How do I keep myself open to it? How do I respond when I have disconnected? What creates this experience in myself? In others? How do I foster an environment that lets magic bloom?

What are YOU committed to? With your art, your work, your relationships? This moment of your life?

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