Vashon Website Workshop - Questionnaire

Thank you for your interest in a website building class here on Vashon. I'd love to create something that works for as many people as possible and that actually helps you build the website you need. πŸ™‚

If you can take a few minutes to answer the questions below, I super appreciate it. This will help me put together something great. I will then be in touch soon with more details.

Thanks, Lisa

Do you have a website now?
By when do you need a new website?
Current Website URLIf you have one - if not, what type of business do you have?
How familiar are you with wordpress?
What would you like help with to get your website created and launched?(choose all that apply)
What else do you need help and support with that I didn't list above?
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Which do you prefer - for the way you learn and your schedule:
Which days and times work for your schedule:Select all that you'd be available to join us
Your willing investment - to get fully supported to build your website:
Your Name
Anything else that you'd like me to know?
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