What if we dropped the idea of “branding” – and instead we focused on showing up boldly, sharing our vision and heart in honest, courageous ways?

The next UN-Branding chat is ON:

Tuesday, November 7th 2023 *
10:00am – 11:00am PST


* Calls are held on the first Tuesday of every month (usually) at 10am PST – they will occasionally shift as needed for Runa’s schedule. 

What are the UN-Branding Conversations?

UN-Branding is free monthly series inviting you to have a conversation about what it is to drop the idea of branding, and instead just show up boldly, sharing your heart, vision and passion.

You are welcome to join as many of these calls as works for you, it’s an ongoing conversation – you can attend one time, or every month. Once you sign up, a zoom link and reminders will be sent to your inbox.

This hour long zoom call will be an exploration into the vision and commitments behind your work.

  • What drives you to create what you do?
  • How do you want to contribute and make a difference?
  • In what ways are you holding back, scared of “doing it wrong?”
  • What would have you free-er to just show up – as yourself?
  • What are the bigger commitments behind all the doing and busy work?
  • How can you design your business and marketing so that the work you do is healthy and sustainable?
  • What is YOUR flavor or marketing – vs. trying to fit into all the “shoulds” and “expert” marketing advice


Each month will have a theme that will guide the discussion – topics like resiliency when showing up online, being courageous, marketing strategy, consistency, running a multi-passionate business, etc.

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