The past couple of years have been weird. Yes, we can agree?

The way I’m now thinking about my business has shifted - big time. I’m working to re-align and re-group. I’m looking at what I now want to focus on, what makes sense for me, after all the internal and external changes.

There has been so much rearranging of values, priorities, and I really need to make sure that my business has integrity - for me and what I say is important.

Maybe you feel the same? Slightly (or a lot-ly) feeling uncertain, confused, but also wanting (needing?) to shift things.

You know you want to make a difference and show up more fully to your work. You want to make money, but not get caught up in the icky marketing train that says you have to do x, y and z if you want to succeed. You know that x, y and z are NOT what feels good for you.

Or maybe you have things that you’d like to devote your attention toward, because the world needs us to show up and do more of our good work.  But, you know, you haven't yet begun.

I know, for me, so much of my business was built on the principals of that crazy formulaic marketing train - I mean, isn’t that what “branding” and websites and visual assets are here to support - our marketing and business growth? But I just don't want to focus anymore on the noise called “make people feel their pain” bullshit to get them to buy mentality. It's manipulative and gross. I need to pivot. To change. To re-group and figure out what my business now wants to be.

That’s why I created this new program: The Small Business Tune Up/Tune In

This program is one part business therapy, one part strategy, 2 parts inner work, and a good heaping dose of my blend of coaching that includes hand holding, loving support, listening for the gold, tough love when needed, self-trust muscle building and the powerful magic of intentionally held space.

The point of this small group is to re-align our business with who we now are - after all this change and the new perspectives that are for sure still to come.

We will be doing deep dive assessments about how things are, what needs our attention, what can be released, and what now wants to be created.

Where do things stand - right now with your business? Sometimes really looking can be scary (or overwhelming), but is MUCH easier inside a safe container where you know that you’ll be held, not judged, and supported to be your most awesome.

Then, after we tune in - we’ll dream, vision, and imagine. We’ll create goals that are DO-able, that leave you in action, and that offer the kind of clarity that boosts confidence and your sense of power. Power to me means the ability to make things happen in ways that feel good, are kind to ourselves and others, and are sustainable. Let’s find more of that, shall we?

And, if you know you’ll need some tech/digital support and advice as part of your tune up process - ie: a new website, new copy, social media plans, etc - there will be some bonus options to get extra tech support/guidance during the program.

My commitment is that we all start the new year with focus, joy, excitement and health with our work. I want to make sure that my business is set up to BE all that I envision it to be, from right now, inside this new space I’m in after the uprooting of the past couple of years.

You are invited to join me to do this work - together.



  • Each week we will meet on zoom for a live workshop.
  • You will receive email materials + worksheets each week.
  • We will complete powerful exercises every Wednesday at 9:00am PST (12:00pm EST)
  • We will meet for one hour + I am available for an additional half hour afterward for extra questions and coaching.
  • Class runs for 4 weeks, starting January 12, 2022.
  • All sessions will be recorded.


January 12, 19, 26
February 2

If needed or wanted, I will schedule a couple of extra "tech/how to sessions" during the month.


Please, pay whatever you can, I trust you to know what makes sense for your needs at this time. 💛

Note: This form is being a little wonky and may not show the amount on the first line - click IN the white box for payment price options and the total amount will show at the bottom of the form. If you can't get it to work, email me and I'll help you get it sorted.