The Secret To Only Working With People That You Absolutely Love

When your day is spent working with people that you ABSOLUTELY love, then work doesn't feel like work.

This is a common scenario when just starting out:  you take on any client that crosses your path and is willing to pay you, even if they are a royal pain in the ass, ask for way more than you’re willing to give and make you question everything that you’re trying to build.    I’ve been there, believe me!

But, working with just anyone is exhausting.  For me, I would have to do a ton of work to get myself motivated to just show up:  mindset and self talk to feel in the mood and quiet that feeling of “I just don’t want to!”   Because I totally didn’t want to!

Every time I had to do a coaching call or design work for clients that I was’t totally in love with –  it was like a little piece of myself was selling out or dying.

I know that sounds dramatic, but it was really like that!  Which was a total bummer and would inevitably lead me down a path of doubting myself, questioning whether I should be working for myself, and wondering if maybe it was time to just throw in the towel.

Fast forward to now:  I LOVE my clients!  They inspire the crap out of me.  I look forward to our calls, I easily can start working on their projects and I feel proud of the work that I’m doing.

It’s like they were all hand picked just for me and because of that, the work in FUN and I look forward to it, without having to force myself to get going.  I like that.  Makes working for myself COMPLETELY worth it!

So, what can you do?

Here’s how to start working ONLY with Clients that you absolutely love:

1.  The first step is that you have to decide that you are worth it.

I think part of the reason we take on not so great clients is because we’re scared to death that no one will actually want to hire us, so we gladly accept anyone that walks through our door.  What does this say about our value and worth?  You got into business for yourself, doing something that you think will make a difference in the world, but then you go and doubt that you have anything worthwhile to offer?

That’s super crazy talk, my friend!  YOU are amazing and you have something wonderful to offer people.  You have to BELIEVE in yourself and the difference you make.

2.  You also have to decide that you DESERVE to love the people you work with.

And you SO deserve it.  You deserve to show up everyday inspired and motivated and eager to begin.  Excited to connect with your people, thrilled to be of service to them.  You deserve to be yourself and have your clients and customers totally love working with YOU.

Really, you do.  Give yourself permission to LOVE the people that you work with.

3.  Then, once you green light your way to only working with amazing clients..  you have to discover who your dream clients are.

I talk about this in Your Brand Plan (it’s free!) – but the nuts and bolts of it is this:  Get crystal clear about who your most perfect, dream client is:  think about where they live, their lifestyle, what they love, what they value, what they dream about and wish for.

Have a picture in your mind about the type of person you most love to work with.  Likely, you’ve had clients that you totally grooved with – what is it about them that you loved?

4.  Next, make sure that EVERY piece of information you put out in the world speaks directly to this dream client.

Every blog post, the look of your website, what you share on Facebook, your instagram posts – have all of this speak to your dream client.  What would they respond to and think is amazing?  Imagine you are writing an email DIRECTLY to them, what would you say?  Be personal, connect, share yourself the way you would with a dear friend after a couple glasses of wine. 😉

Speak the language of your favorite clients and that will attract more of them into your fold.

5.  Lastly, stop taking clients that don’t inspire you.

Set the bar high.  Value your work.  Reach out to the people that you DO want to work with, let them know how you can help.

It’s okay to say no to clients that you don’t totally jive with.  Doing so means that you are also saying yes – yes to ONLY working with the people that you really love to work with.

It can be scary doing this, I know.  But doing so makes it so much more awesome – and fulfilling – to show up for work everyday.   A lot of the time, it does’t even feel like work.   It feels more like collaborating.  Like you have a whole set of partners who are not only paying your bills, but are forwarding what you dream of for the world.

And THAT is way better than slogging through a bunch of clients that just don’t get who you are or what you stand for.