The power of gathering for purposeful conversations

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What happens when we gather with other people – with the intention to have purposeful conversations?

When we want to work on something, create something, when we want to learn and grow.

If you have something you want to bring about – a business idea, an art project, a specific result…

It makes a big difference to have committed conversations about the thing.  Whatever it is.

Having regular, consistent occasions to talk about how it’s going, work through your ideas, get feedback, acknowledge progress, get support with areas you struggle..  It helps things to move forward.

This can look a lot of ways, but some examples:

  • A weekly workout with a personal trainer.
  • A monthly appointment with an accountant about your financial world.
  • Working with a therapist.
  • A business coach that helps you stay focused and on track.
  • Group coaching programs.
  • An educational program or class.
  • Support groups.

If you have something you want to make happen, something you want to create, an idea you’d like to birth.. Think about the conversations you’re having about it.

Do you have regular occasions scheduled, opportunities to explore your ideas, in a committed way?

If not, is this something you could set up?

Who would be a great partner for you?  Where could you find the support you need?

It’s important to choose wisely here – you want people that you will grow and learn from, not people who are only in the conversation to poke holes or make you feel dumb.

Committed conversations require trust, alignment, integrity and clarity of purpose.

It’s a powerful thing, intentionally gathering with others.  Joining forces, supporting each other.

I highly recommend this for ANYTHING that you’d like to grow and create.


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