Tending to our work, our spaces, and what’s important

Showing up and giving a sh*t - how we make things that take our breath away

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Happy September!

I’m getting ready to move my kid across the country for college.  It’s a surreal and important moment for our little family.

Things are changing.

I’m working on staying present. Being *here* for it. Savoring these last days together.

I’m super proud and excited for him.  Also nervous, and curious, with little moments of sad and then I start feeling overwhelmed by it all.

Life is always moving, always changing.

I’m often thinking about what I give my attention to.  What I am working on, how I spend my time and what I’m TENDING.

Tending is a really important theme of mine these days.

I’m interested in my own life, my story, what I want to create and build and breath life into.

For anything that I want to create – for it to be successful, I have to give it my attention.

Attention doesn’t mean we have to smother or micro-manage or try to control.  But sometimes, that level of hyper focused attention is needed.

Attention can look a lot of ways.

Tending to what matters… 

Whatever the thing: a work project, finding more clients and building up your business, creating meaningful art, having a safe and comforting home, the health of our body, nurturing our relationships.

Whatever it is that we are committed to, it’s important that we:

  • regularly work on it.
  • think about it.
  • give it the time and attention it deserves.
  • observe what is happening – note how things are going.
  • evaluate and adjust.
  • learn new things so that we can be more effective, successful.

Wanting something and being committed to it are two different things.  

What we focus on and tend and give our attention and resources to are usually the the things that will grow and blossom.

Some things can be left alone, but most things suffer with repeated negligence.  {Even a succulent will still die if not given what it needs}

What do you value?

We bring care to the things that we value.

When we care about our relationships, we check in and pay attention to how it’s going – for both ourself and the other person.  We take the time to have the hard conversations, to repair things when we’ve caused harm.  We spend time with people and take the time to listen. We support each other.

When we care about our business, we do the work to show up for our clients, we courageously talk about our mission and our values, we make sure that we operate with integrity and that we deliver on our promises.  We spend time creating valuable offers and setting up our environment. We invite people to work with us.  We regularly share the commitments that our work represents.  We deal with the stuff we don’t want to, because we know it’s part of having things run smoothly.

When we care about an issue or a cause, we research and learn about it, we talk about it with people. We take a stand, we don’t look away when gross things are happening – we speak up and act and care for the well being of others. We fight when that is what’s needed.  We are brave and compassionate and we share about the hopes and dreams we see possible.

When we care about our art, we spend time making and thinking and sharing our work. We devote time and attention to our craft, we lock ourselves in the studio and treat that time as holy freakin’ sacred.  We nurture our creative fire and make space for muse to arrive.

When we care about our home and our environment, we take the time to clean things up, to repair what is broken. We get rid of the garbage, we try to consume less, we water the plants, we hang up art, we celebrate the beauty and make an effort to keep things nice, healthy.

Tending, devotion, time, attention. 

What are you tending?  This is a question I ask myself often.  It changes.  What is needed and wanting attention can shift.

But it always comes back to what I really give a shit about.  What TRULY matters.

I have to remind myself.  I check in about this.  (often)

I practice TENDING.  Intentionally paying attention to and nurturing what I say is important.

Sometimes that means resting and staying in bed as I tend to my healing and the needs of my body.

Sometimes I force myself to make art instead of watching something on the computer.

Sometimes I change my plans to hang out with one of my kids – I can see that they need some mama time.

I try to keep my values and committments front and center.

I have practices I practice. 

You won’t get good at the violin if you don’t practice.

You won’t build your business if you don’t market and promote your work.

You won’t get healthy by living off ice cream and donuts.

You won’t have a loving relationship if you don’t take the time to listen to your partner.

A gorgeous garden does not happen over night.  You have to weed, water, protect against critters, observe and adjust things for optimal sunshine.  That’s how a garden becomes something that is – breathtaking.  

Time and attention. Care.

Giving a shit.

  • What are you tending? 
  • What needs attention?
  • Are my committments needing (more or different) energy from me?
  • Where can I bring more focus, time, and resources?
  • What am I devoted to – right now?

I invite you to ask these questions about the things that matter to you. Ask and ask again. Check in. Repeat.

Tend the things that matter.

Take it seriously.

Make some magic.

xo, Runa

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