Want an effective, strategic, result producing website?

Want your website to produce results?  Follow these tips to make sure you are being strategic with your website.

The whole point of having a website is to HELP your business grow and succeed. Which means you don’t want to just slap something up – throwing some words on a page – and call it done.

You also don’t want your website to JUST be pretty. Yes, you want a gorgeous space to invite people to – of course you do – but you can have a VERY effective website that is simple and plain.

Pretty does not equal effective.

So, what makes an effective, strategic, result producing website?

You want a website that helps you turn visitors into paying customers or clients, right?

To do that, your website should serve a very specific purpose that is ALL about growing your business.

What is that purpose – for you and your business?

That’s the first thing you should be asking yourself when starting to create or remake your website – “What do I want this website to DO for my business?”

Here are some things you might want your website to accomplish:

  • Book more clients
  • Add people to your newsletter list
  • Sell your product
  • Give people directions to your shop
  • Collect data about potential customers
  • Share your story
  • Showcase your art

This is the first thing you should be doing before ANYTHING else – get clear about the purpose of your website and the results you want your website to make happen for your business.

Then, the next step, is to work out HOW you’ll accomplish those goals.

If you want to book more clients – HOW are you going to make that happen? Will you have some kind of lead capture? Do you want people to just email you if they are interested in working with your – whatever steps you want them to take should be VERY loud and clear, with a clear invite to take action.

If you want to add people to your newsletter list – HOW will you make that happen? What kind of a sign up form do you need? Will you create a free offer to entice people? What will the invitation be? and WHERE will the newsletter sign up exist on your website?

If you want to sell more products? HOW are you goin to make that happen? Can people purchase directly from your site? How are you going to collect payment? Is it easy for people to buy – or do they have to jump through a bunch of hoops? Is your pricing clear? You have to think about the process that people will go through to purchase and makes sure you’re setting up a system that is simple for people to use and that encourages people to purchase.

If you want to give people directions to your shop or event? HOW are you going to make that happen? You’ll need a map and a clear set of directions in an obvious place on your site, right?

Do you see how I am thinking about the PROCESS that will lead to the result that each of these scenarios hopes to accomplish? The question you have to keep asking is HOW can I accomplish this goal with the tools I have available on my website. (psst.. if you need help with this, a seasoned web designer can really help!)

There are 2 other key components to creating a solid website strategy: branding and messaging, both of which I will be diving into this next month on the blog, so stay tuned!

For now, take the time to get clear about the PURPOSE of your website and come up with ways that your website can help you achieve those goals.

And, if you need help with this – reach out! Besides designing custom websites for super cool humans, I’m also available to consult and brainstorm with you!

- be BRIGHT! xo, Lisa