simple social media how to

simple social media how to

like the twitter water cooler example.

How to Use Facebook. For community gathering. Sharing ideas. Inviting to a group. Talking about the things in the group. Facebook. Easy to do written.
Show up and share. Try to meet up with your people to have a quick chat. Then back to work. Some people just be there all day.

Share about whatever my thing is. Your people will find you. You find and interact with them too. Go looking for the conversations that matter. The machine wants us addicted to one particular conversation. That’s social media.

Have to very steadfast stay on purpose. Vs distracted. Has to be work. Work ethic about it. Otherwise social media is a fuck suck.

What is your work? Your art? What are you creating and why? What are you showing off?

Focus on your message.

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