How To Really Show Off Your Brand On Pinterest

How to really show off your brand on Pinterest

Pinterest is a great way to reinforce and build up your brand.

You may or you may not be on Pinterest and if this social media platform holds no interest for you – then just skip over this challenge (and the next few coming the rest of this week).

But, if you ARE on pinterest and you’d like to have it feel more on brand, or you’ve been thinking about jumping in – then today’s prompt is for you!

Pinterest is a great platform for most any type of business, especially for ones that have a strong visual component like photographers, graphic designers, jewelry makers, fashion bloggers, etc.

But you can totally create an amazing, useful and inspiring pinterest account if your business isn’t visual – like if you’re an accountant, or a lawyer, or you teach self defense courses.

Just like with the work we did for Instagram, I’m going to break up updating your brand on Pinterest into 3 different daily prompts – to keep things a little more manageable and in the zone of “easy” daily tasks.

First, we’ll do some planning and strategizing about how you want your brand to show up on Pinterest, then we’ll create some graphics to support those goals, and finally – you’ll go in and actually update and freshen things up.

So let’s get started by thinking about the big picture of what you want to accomplish on Pinterest. Obviously, the overall main goal is to make connections with potential clients and convert them into PAYING customers, yes?

But, how are you going to do that?

Pinterest isn’t really the right platform to just promote, promote, promote yourself. (Truthfully, you shouldn’t be doing that anywhere, though, am I right?)

It IS, however a GREAT place to show up and be of service – to help your ideal customers accomplish their goals. You’ll do that by sharing useful information with them that teaches, guides, inspires, and/or entertains.

So, of course, you’re going to want to think about your IDEAL customer when setting up (or auditing) your pinterest account.

The question may come up for you if you should have a separate account just for your business, and one that’s just for your personal. This will always be determined by your brand and your customers.

You’ll have to look to see if sharing recipes, craft ideas, travel dreams, and baby products would be of interest to your ideal customer. If not, then create an account (or clean up your current account) that’s focused primarily on the needs and interests of your customer.

Today’s prompt should help you figure this one out and get more clarity about the purpose of your pinterest account.

One thing I can say is that if you have been using pinterest for your own personal pleasure, but you WANT it to be more of a showcase/inspiration zone for your business, then you WILL have to rethink how you’re doing things.

And, doing so will make your brand really shine on this platform. Being intentional and creating a space that has a clear focus will have you attracting the type of clients you most want to connect with and it will help your brand get better known and recognized in the market place.

So, first things first – let’s come up with a game plan for your biz pinterest.

Before you get started, you may want to do some poking around on Pinterest for other businesses like yours to see what they are doing and how they have their account organized. You don’t have to do that at all, though – you can just create something listening to your own heart and your own brand vibe – sometimes that can actually be a smarter idea.

But, drawing inspiration from other business owners that are steps ahead in the Pinerest game could help you start coming up with great ideas.

To brainstorm this out, I recommend you use the worksheet I’ve created for you – (you’ll have to sign up for the challenge to access the worksheet and other bonus materials) or you can just grab a piece of paper and journal your way to clarity.

How to create a plan for your brand on Pinterest - with a bonus worksheet.


Things to think about: 

What are some topics that your ideal customer is interested in?  Look at topics directly related to your business and topics that they love exploring, but that don’t have anything to do with what you offer with your biz,

What is the vibe, mood and spirit of the space you want to create? Pinterest is a place to gather and share ideas and for sure to find inspiration – what it the unique flavor of how YOU want to be doing that?

Imagine that your pinterest is a gallery of sorts – showcasing the very best of what your customers want for their life – what would that space feel and look like?

Once you have your game plan, your can start to design and create your *amazing* space – a place that your ideal customers will appreciate and fall in love with.