Sharing your work (with boldness and passion)

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I just dropped my kid off at college (1800 miles from home!) He has spent the last two nights in the dorms and I’m sitting here in my AirBnB getting ready to head back home, resisting the urge to check in with him, knowing he wants and needs to figure things out on his own.

This past week with him has been surreal – witnessing him step into adulthood with so much confidence and clarity.  My mama heart is proud. 🙂

Yesterday, the president of his school gave an incredibly moving speech about commitment and dedication and growth.  It got me thinking about UN-Branding and our own ways that we share our work with the world.

Your passion and joy and boldness – it matters. 

As this man was talking, my heart burst wide open, tears leaked down my cheeks. He was speaking my language.

Passion, commitment, possibility.  These are things that are important to me.

But, as I looked around – bunches of kids were on their phones, bored out of their minds.  Moms looked like they were eager to get this part over with.  I sort of felt like I was the only one openly moved.  I know that wasn’t the case – but it was obvious that this sort of speech wasn’t as exciting or important to every person who was there.

The committments of this school and the faculty – they are very aligned with my own and those of my son.  After the event – he came up to me enthusiastic, excited. He was also impacted by the words that were shared.  This is also HIS language. (the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree with my kid)

I hear from my clients a lot about feeling like they are too much, scared that people won’t respond to what they are trying to share, that people will pop-poo their ideas (or worse – internet bullying fear is sadly so real).

I see people – all the time – try to put together a “perfect” brand that will bring in loads of people and have their business grow – but what gets churned out is more of the same, what everyone else is doing, and what has been “decided” by the internet what an online business is supposed to look like.

Yesterday reminded me that it’s okay if not everyone gets it.  

The people who do, they are the ones that matter and they are the ones we should be speaking to.

Our individual nerd out topics, the things we find exciting and important, what we are passionate about – I personally think we should be turning the volume WAY up on that stuff, not try to make it more “consumable” and less of an uncomfortable thing.

We shouldn’t be trying to be liked by everyone.

What makes you amazing at what you do is how freakin’ much you love it.  Don’t be afraid to share that!

I am leaving Michigan tomorrow confident that my kid is in good hands. The mentors and faculty around him are FOR what he is all about.  He is going to thrive and grow under their care.

I know this because they have been very bold and clear about their mission and values and committments every step of the way.   They are not offering lip service – they walk their talk and stay true to their intention.

There are tons of great colleges out there – but not very many that are so well aligned with what my kid wants and needs for this next chapter of his life.

I want to support you with being able to do this with YOUR work. 

This is the point of Base Camp, my ongoing coaching program – and for my monthly UN-Branding calls.

  • Walking your talk.
  • Sharing with passion and boldness.
  • Showing up to make a difference.
  • Trusting your own knowledge and contribution.
  • Being outspoken about what matters and what you care about.

Yes, it can be scary to be fully expressed, enthusiastic and brave about what you truly love and care about.  

Many people will sit there on their phones, unwilling or unable to be moved and inspired.  Many people won’t get it.  Many people don’t understand your language, they don’t care about the work you’re trying to do and they likely never will.

Who cares!  Our work is not for them. It’s for the people that ARE seeking something, for the people that want to learn and grow and heal and live in spectacular, beautiful, kind ways.

AND.. the only way those people are going to find you is if you share yourself fully. From the heart. With boldness and passion.  Let people know what you give a shit about.

The people who speak your language will respond to that.  They will sit in the audience with a tear in their eye, hope in their heart – they will hear you.  They will get it.

AN INVITE:  I host a monthly conversation about UN-Branding, where we explore this idea further.  The idea of just being yourself vs. trying to fit into the shoulds and typical internet hustle that so many people are selling.

I truly believe that the more you can embrace your own bold commitment, share it as fully and freely as you can – that this is the best way to market and promote your work.

But, to do that, we have to undo all the crap we’ve been told. We have to examine and question the advice we’ve been sold. We have to de-program the “formula” mentality – and learn to trust our own voice and vision.  

The monthly UN-Branding chats are free to attend. I promise to spend only a minute or two inviting you to learn more about the different ways I support people with their business. The point of each call is to take an hour each month to investigate, explore, create and get in touch with your own bold wisdom.

Taking the time to do this work makes a really big difference in how we approach the marketing and promoting side of our work.

You know, that important work you feel so called to do, the work that inspires you – well, these calls are for you!

Want to join me?

You can sign up for the series here.

I hope to see you on a call!

Big hugs,

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