How To Find Images For Your Brand (With resources)

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Finding + Using Images For Your Brand

They say a picture’s worth a 1000 words and that is absolutely true for your brand. I’ve seen brands majorly come alive just by using the right images!

So, now that you have gotten some clarity about (or revisited) the heart and soul of your brand – your who, what and why – it’s time to start communicating your brand VISUALLY!

Yay!  My favorite part of all this branding stuff!  🙂

The next phase of the challenge is going to guide you through some simple steps to creating and selecting the visual components that make up your brand.

If you already have this stuff solid and clear for your brand, you can skip over the next few challenges, but it’s not a terrible idea to revisit this – to make sure that your visuals are still powerfully communicating the heart of your brand.

Let’s get started. 

You’re going to want the images you use on your blog, social media and your other marketing and promotional materials to beautifully communicate what your brand is all about. If you do that, when people see those images they immediately get a sense about who you are and they’ll know if they resonate with you and your brand. 

That’s a magical thing! When people feel the vibe of who you are AND it’s a vibe that they connect with, they’re going to want to know more about who you are and what you do. Cool, eh?

So, how do you come up with images that you can use for your branding?

Well, the first thing you want to do is revisit your brand voice + vibe worksheet, so you know the mood of the images that you’re going to be searching for.

It seems obvious, but if your dream client is a woman who values art and beauty – make sure your images are beautiful and creative! Don’t throw random pictures of cars or football players onto your blog (stereotypes, I know, but it’s a good example).

Look at these two images:


One has a softer, more feminine vibe. The other is more fierce and moody.

Both could be used for a feminine audience, but the mood and message are very different.

What would you say the characteristics are of these two images?

The one on the left is dreamy, light, has a pop of color and feels vintage.

The one on the right is dark, fierce, black and white, mysterious.

What are the types of images that YOUR brand is going to want to use?

Your challenge action prompt for day 6:

There are 2 parts to todays challenge (plus a 3rd bonus action):

Step 1: Get yourself clear about the types of images that you want to use for your brand. I always like to use images that are fun, bright, bold and joyful. There are TONS of images out there that could be used for this brand vibe – so I have lots of options available to me.

Write down the characteristics that you’re looking for BEFORE you start out on your search.

Step 2: Next, go out there and start pulling together a set of images that you can use. You might take them yourself, hire a photographer, or create a folder on your computer that you can store images as you being a hunt for images that feel “on brand.”  Having a bunch of images on the ready will save you time when you’re creating visuals for your brand.

If your plan is to take your own or hire someone to create custom images, your action step for today is to get that set up – schedule it or hire someone so it’s not something that you’re going to do “someday.”

If you know that custom images aren’t in your future, then you’re going to need to go hunting on the internet for images that you can use.

Where do you find images?

Well, there are bunches of free and paid resources out there. Whatever you do: don’t just do a google search and download and start using any old image you find. You can get in trouble doing that! Make sure you gather images from sources that have given permission for you to use those images on your own website.

Below is a list of websites I’ve put together for you that are great resources for finding images. You probably won’t need to visit – you’ll find the ones that you prefer and that tend to serve up what you need.

Just go start searching and see what you can find!

Free Sources

Unsplash —

Picjumbo —

Canva –

Gratisography —

Split Shire —

Pixabay —

Stockpic –

Pexels –

Death To The Stock Photo –

Stock Snap –

DeignersPics –

Paid Sources

Dollar Photo Club —

Stocksy —

iStockphoto —

Photodune –

I caution you – don’t get stuck down the super deep rabbit hole of searching for images. Be quick and decisive. Go on a site, do a search, using ideas and keywords that would bring up images for your brand. Then, when you see an image that fits your mood and vibe – save that bad boy in a file on your computer.

See if you can curate 15-20 images to get yourself started. Then, when you go to write your next blog post or create a graphic for Facebook, you can just peek into your file and pick the image that’s going to work best for whatever topic you’re writing about, feeling confident that you’re using an image that communicates the vibe and voice of your brand.

All of this might seem complicated – it’s a big job curating images! But the more you do it, the more consistent and clear your brand will become AND the quicker and easier it will be for you to come up with images that work great for your brand.

Few! that felt like a lot AND I have a bonus action you could take…

Bonus prompt: Go create a pinterest board with images that feel “on brand” – you won’t be able to use those images for your own commercial use – but you can use them to get inspired and keep developing the look and feel of your brand.

This is something I do with many of my clients – to help them start thinking VISUALLY about their brand – so I highly recommend it. It’s a great exercise and something I do often for my own brand.

PLUS I *might* be encouraging you to use these images for tomorrow’s action prompt!  **wink**

If you aren’t sure how to use pinterest to curate and find images for your brand, I have a video in my paid Brand Clarity Workshop that will walk you through how to get started on pinterest and the thinking process I use to find images when creating a brand.

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 Okay, to recap today, here are the 2 things for your to do list:

1. Get clear about the type of images you want to use for your brand – write it out!

2. Go out and find at least 15-20 images, saved in a file and ready to start using.

BONUS: Create a pinterest board that you can use as inspiration for your brand imagery.

I’ll see you tomorrow, where I’m going to walk you through taking this a step further to create a gorgeous mood board for your brand.

Talk to then, Lisa