"Branding" is such a buzz word. Everyone seems to be obsessed with finding and creating the perfect brand.

But what does that even mean?

I don't like the word branding - at all - as a way of describing or explaining the work that I do with clients.

In the old days of advertising, coming up with the perfect logo mark was important.  It was a symbol, it had meaning, its job was to communicate the spirit/meaning/purpose of the business.

Cowboys also brand their cows and other livestock to claim ownership. That's where the word comes from.

I am not interested in anything having to do with claiming ownership of things, people, anything. I want partnerships, support, encouragement. I want people kindly helping others and doing whatever we can to celebrate the joys of life.

Also, YOU are not a brand. 

That crock of non-sense has got to stop!

YOU are a person. With gifts and contributions. Wisdom and experience. Ideas and passion.

This thing has happened where people are teaching and suggesting that you "package" yourself in a particular way to get people to buy from you.

That feels like manipulation to me.

What about just sharing - who you are, your gifts, your offers, what you believe?

Why would any of us want to turn ourselves into a "brand?"

Now, for big business, companies, organizations - yes.  There might be work to do - to create a business "identity" that resonates with people in harmonious ways.

But most of the people that I'm working with - you are solo-preneurs, small mom-n-pop shops, you are wearing all.the.hats.

Your business is YOU.

What you bring.

Your skills.

Your perspective.

Your experience.

The voice that you've spent time fine tuning.

You have a unique set of passions and abilities.

You have something to offer that NO OTHER person in the entire world can offer in exactly the same way.

NONE of that is a brand.

It is you, creating your magic.

One of a kind.



There is nothing you have to turn yourself into. Nothing you have to "create".  Nothing you have to do to come up with the perfect design for.

A gorgeous, well crafted business logo is NOT what will have your business thrive and succeed.

The perfect "brand" colors are not what will have people pay attention to what you have to say.

Super sexy, perfectly posed photographs are not going to have a potential client trust you.

Brilliantly orchestrated words on a page are not what will open someone's wallet to pay you for your generous time.

Doing all the "proven" actions that will turn your marketing up a gazillion notches is not going to produce shit all on its own.


So what does make a difference? 

A few things that I know for sure....

Confidence - When you know and trust YOURSELF to show up and be who you want to be. When you know you can deliver on your promises. When you believe in your work fully, deeply, all they way into the heart of your being.

Clarity - Being able to speak about your work with passion, boldness, and wisdom. Understanding the gifts that you bring and OWNING who you are.  You know those moments when doubt vanishes and your own KNOWING is wide awake?

Alignment - Acting, speaking, listening and engaging from your truest self. BEING in a way that is 100% on board with your inner wisdom and deeper truths.

Purpose - Having vision, opening to possibility, committed to making a difference, showing up to share what you've learned, listening for the fulfillment of dreams and staying true to what you envision.

Being successful - however YOU define it - is an inside job.  You have to know yourself really well.  Your strengths, your vision, how you help people.  What there is to work on. Where you want to grow. You have to understand your own wiring if you truly want to shine.

What I am most interested in is this:  Helping people create a business that’s aligned, filled with purpose, and ooozing with joy and satisfaction. A business that FEELS good, that makes money, is fulfilling and allows for personal growth and harmony.

I am finally ready to redo my old branding course!  It has some good stuff in it that for sure should stick around.  But, a lot of things in there just don't work for me anymore - there are perspective that I no longer want to be teaching, or that I don't want to teach in old ways.

If you would like to look deeply at what makes your business tick, if you would like to get more clear about the purpose and vision of your work, if you would like to establish a foundation that will solidly support you as you promote and share your work with the world - I'd love for you to come create this new course with me!

I am removing from the old course:

  • all the marketing advice that I am no longer aligned with
  • the idea that people are "brands"
  • anything even remotely close to a "branding formula"
  • powering through - forcing ourselves to do things that just don't work for us and how we think

And, this is what we are going to be working on instead:

  • How to articulate the vision and purpose of your work in a way that feels confident and true.
  • Understand your unique genius so you can stop doing what all the "experts" think you should be doing - who are they anyway, do they even know YOU?
  • Getting to know your customers better so you can support them in ways that are useful and profoundly nurturing.
  • Organizing your business so that it is aligned with your values and integrity.
  • How to craft a visual strategy so that your business looks the part, walks the talk, and is a true expression of the brilliant work that you do.  (Yes, you will learn about logos and fonts and colors, but I'm going to teach you how to think about these things without it being a formula)
  • Strategizing and game planning how you want to engage with and interact with the world - what is the flavor and intention of your marketing?

I want to help you create a delicious business. One that you feel good about. That has integrity. That makes a difference.

There is nothing more fun (IMO) than creating from a very aligned space. Building something that is a BIG yes, deep, deep in the bones.

Come play with us!  This is a pay what you can offer. If you need other options, just let me know.

The Brand Clarity Workshop: Re-Imagined


  • Each week we will meet on zoom for a live coaching session/workshop.
  • You will receive email materials, video lessons and worksheets each week.
  • Our zoom calls are every Tuesday at 9:00am PST (12:00pm EST)
  • We will meet for one hour + I am available for an additional half hour afterward for extra questions and coaching.
  • Class runs for 4 weeks, starting February 15th, 2022.
  • All sessions will be recorded - you do not have to join us live.

February 15, 22
March 1, 8



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