Quick Tip: Check your website on your phone!

Quick tip for your website - check how it looks on your phone!

When was the last time you looked at how your website is showing up on mobile devices?

This is SO important because more and more people are scrolling and searching for things from their phone.

I find it to be one of THE most annoying things to click to something and then have it be challenging to read or look at on my phone. We’ve all had to zoom, or twist or slide things around in order to see what’s going on while we look at a website on the phone. It’s frustrating! And I can guarantee that if this is happening, people are clicking away, never to return again.

Is your website easy to read and navigate on a phone?

Are your images showing up in a nice way – not distorted or cut off weirdly?

Is the text the right size?

Do you have pop ups that people can easily X out of? (I was recently on a website trying to read something I was VERY interested in and a pop up appeared and there was NO way to make it go away. I was enjoying what I was reading, so I really tried. And then I got frustrated. And then I got mad. Like actually mad – because I spent way too much time trying to sort it out with no resolution. – Don’t do this to your people!)

These things are important if you want to convert people into paying customers! Your website HAS to perform well and play nice on a phone.

So go take a minute and explore your own website from your phone. See if there are any issues and if there are – make a plan to get them fixed. You could be losing connections with people! πŸ™‚