Why I think you ABSOLUTELY should put your rates on your website!


Why I think you should put prices on your website.

Should you put your rates on your website?

Absolutely!  Don’t make people work to figure out if they can afford you!!

There’s nothing more frustrating to a potential client than to be on someone’s website and think – “Yes! I love this person, I would so love to work with them.” And then they go to your ‘Work With Me’ page and they have no idea if they can afford to hire you.

They might be super shy – and if the only way to find out how much you cost is to contact you, they are VERY likely to just click away, sad and frustrated.

Even me, I’m so NOT super shy – I have NEVER reached out to explore working with someone unless I already knew if they were in my price range. Why? Because it’s totally embarrassing to have to say to someone, sorry, I don’t have enough money for that.

Or to find yourself on a “sales” type of call when all you wanted to know was – how much?

There have been times when I *have* totally wanted to work with someone, but their rates were out of my league. But KNOWING that didn’t turn me away. It made me strive for something.

It made me crush on the person even more – they must be GOOD! I watched them, signed up for their stuff, stayed in their loop.. WANTING to work with them.

And, a few times, I figured out a way to pay – because I knew how much money I needed. It was clear and I wanted it bad enough that I found a way to make it work. Which I NEVER would have done if their rates were a “mystery.”

So don’t worry about scaring people off. Your right people will WANT to work with you and if they can’t afford you, but want it bad enough – they’ll find a way. 

Don’t make them uncomfortable by making them WORK to find out how much you charge. Make it easy for them – so they can work it out if they’d like to make that investment.

What if your rates are on a project by project basis? You don’t have a one size fits all price tag.

Then post a range, or a starting point.

I do this for my branding and design services. I list out a starting point. This lets them know where my packages begin but also lets them know that it could go up from there for custom projects. Every project I do is unique and I create custom proposals for every job. But at least someone knows the budget zone that my work falls under.

This helps them decide if they should reach out to chat with me about their ideas and needs. It takes the mystery and intimidation factor away.

One thing that’s important to think about:  potential customers may not know or understand what it takes to do what you do – or how much time you put into your work.

You may need to do some extra work laying out VALUE of what they’ll be getting when they work with and WHY investing in you would be worth their hard earned cash.

This can get accomplished with a well crafted website – that tells the whole story of who you are and what you do, including intentional, smart blogging, killer sales pages for your services, glowing testimonials or reviews, amazing photos of your products (if you sell physical products), your branding, etc.

JUST throwing up your prices isn’t enough! But I do think it’s smart to make sure that you DO post your prices on your website in a way that’s easy for people to see and access.

It’s super important and totally empowering to NOT shy away from talking about money. You ARE a business after all! People expect to pay to hire and work with you, so let them know what that investment is going to be.