Self-Paced Website Planning Workshop

Create a rock solid plan for your website, whether you’re going to build it yourself or hire a designer.

Self-Paced Website Planning Workshop

A 4-week email workshop

Your first email will arrive on January 18th

Creating a website can be OVERWHELMING!

How should you organize your content? What pages are there to write?

What kind of systems do you need to collect leads, take payments and book clients?

Where should you start?

There are SO many questions – and when you’re doing this yourself – it can be crazy hard!

It’s easy to get stuck, which will totally slow your project down and make it so you never launch that new website, like ever.

This website planning workshop will help you get the ball rolling!

I’m committed to supporting you, without it being too much.  That’s why we are going to cover this over 4 weeks – to pace it out and give you room to really think through each element.

You won’t have a complete website when we’re done – you’ll have a plan that you can give to your designer, or use as you start creating a website on your own.

I highly recommend you take the time to do this BEFORE you start building – it will save you so much frustration and effort.

There are truly a million different ways to create a website. This workshop will help you know what YOU need, what will support YOUR business, and give you a plan for how to get started.

Here’s what we’re going to cover…

  • What is the PURPOSE of your website so you can build something that will help you accomplish your goals. It might seem obvious – but getting this CLEAR helps the planning process move along quickly.
  • How to create a road map for your website so you know every page you’re going to need and how they all fit in with each other.
  • Planning out your content navigation and how people will move around and engage with your information.
  • Map out a homepage that produces results and helps you to grow your business.
  • Tips and strategies for how to write for the internet – so you can get all of your pages written up and ready to go.
  • Plan out your sales process and know what you’re going to need to make sales and/or book clients – directly from your website.
  • Learn about writing effective sales pages.
  • Know what’s next so you can get your site built and launched!


This is the email version of this workshop – I will send out an email lesson every week, for 4 weeks – you can keep pace with those, or keep them and work on your planning as you’re able.

If you know that you need extra support, want to ask questions and get feedback as you create your plan and enjoy working on this things inside of community – I recommend you do the live version of this class instead, which starts on January 17th – you can sign up for that here,

Have questions?  Please send me a note. 🙂



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