Are you needing a new website? Working on one yourself and it taking waaaaaaay too long?  Not sure what to do or HOW to do it?  Or, are you wanting to re-do what you already have, but don't want to hire someone to do it for you?

This will be a small group workshop/mentorship program - working together over a couple of months, walking you through how to DIY your own website.

I know that not everyone, especially when you are just starting out, has the budget to hire a designer to create a fully loaded, bells and whistles website.

And, honestly, unless you are SUPER clear about what you want and need, doing so can often be a huge waste of resources. You may not know - yet! - what your business needs are and the role your website should play.

This class is for the DIYer. I will be guiding you through the THINKING that's needed to build a website that actually helps your business.

  • What is the purpose and function of your website?
  • What pages do you need?
  • Which is the best website platform for YOU (ie Squarespace, wordpress, etc)?
  • What bells and whistles help, and which ones just add noise and confusion?
  • What should be on your homepage?
  • What is the process/journey of getting people to buy/book/hire you?
  • Should you have a blog, newsletter, etc?
  • How do you organize all of your information so it makes sense to your visitors and gets them what they need?

You will also be learning and expanding what you already know (even if you are starting at the very beginning) about:

  • Writing for the internet
  • Working with templates, but making them 100% your own
  • How to discern and sift through all the "good" advice to figure out what YOU and your business actually needs
  • Using images and other visuals to make your space look spiffy
  • Basic website design - the fundamentals so your online home looks good and makes you feel proud to share it

In the class, you will get direct feedback and support from me. The class will be small enough that I will be able to get my hands in there to help you when you get stuck with tech challenges, design questions, and to help you polish everything up.

You'll also get VERY valuable feedback from the group - so you'll know if what you're creating is communicating and getting the job done.

Your online home should be a place that reflects the good you're here to do, it should be welcoming, communicate your values, be useful for visitors and support you getting the word out about what you do. And yes, it shouldn't be a hot mess that is ugly on the eyes!

But, communication and function are number one.  Then, we'll figure out how to make it all look good.

Want some hand holding while you do this on your own?  A person you can ask questions, get input from, and that can help you get unstuck when you run into obstacles?

Then, come join us!  This is a pay what you can offer, with limited seats.  We will start on April 12th, and go for 8 weeks.

Our calls will be on Tuesdays for one hour at 9am PST. They will be recorded and I am very likely to schedule some extra work sessions as needed.

Have questions, send me a note, I'm happy to look with you if this class supports what you need.  🙂

Build Your Online Home - with coaching and support!


  • Each week we will meet on zoom for a live coaching session/workshop.
  • You will receive an email with any supporting elements - worksheets, bonus videos, etc.
  • Our zoom calls are every Tuesday at 9:00am PST (12:00pm EST)
  • We will meet for one hour.
  • Class runs for 8 weeks, starting April 12th, 2022.
  • All sessions will be recorded - you do not have to join us live.

April 12, 19, 26
May 3, 10, 17, 24, 31


Pay whatever your budget allows!



***If you have any issues with the payment form, please send me a note.***



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