Maybe we should make friends with this side of our business?

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Marketing Never Stops 🤪

There is this idea that gets sold to us that if we build enough good systems, automate things, etc, then “residual” income will just come in, like magic. ✨

But that just isn’t true. 🙃

Marketing never stops. Our business needs us to keep showing up for it, to keep talking about what we offer, to invite people to work with us and to learn more about what we do.

Anyone who is creating anything “out there” – in the world – if you watch them, they are talking about their work in some way or form… ALL the time!!!

They are showing up for the work. They are PROUD of their work.

To build and grow a business, no matter how big and successful it might get – you will always be selling and inviting people to to work with you.

This is one of the things that we have to make friends with as a business owner.

If you really hate this part of it, then you might put in your plans to hire the marketing out. Yes, do that if you can!

But many of us can’t. We have small businesses with small budgets, we wear all the hats. And one of those hats is marketing, which is a big deal hat that you’ll always be wearing.

Marketing is part of what is required for business growth.

If you hate it, there are ways you can reframe the idea of selling. You can grow your capacity to market, with more ease and less ick. You can make friends with this side of being a business owner. Really, you can. 🙂 I’ve got your back, if you want help and support.

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