Let's update your twitter page!

It's smart to check in with your social media accounts to make sure they are up to date with your current branding. Today in the #30daybrandchallenge, we tackle your twitter space.

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Branding Your Twitter Page

Today, we’re going to do the same thing that we did yesterday for your Facebook page, but for your TWITTER page!

If you don’t use or hangout on twitter, just skip today’s challenge. Or, if you’ve been thinking about getting on the twitter train, you could use today’s prompt as a motivator to get started. Better late than never, right? 😉

There are 3 steps to today’s challenge prompt:

STEP 1:  Update your profile photo. Make sure that it’s current and perfectly represents the mood and vibe of how you want your brand to be known and experienced.

STEP 2:  Update your about section – making sure you use those 140 characters to tell your brand story! Easier said than done, I know – but seriously don’t fret over it – just make sure the heart of your brand is what’s getting communicated. You don’t need to be a fancy wordsmith to do that, just be yourself.

➡  You being yourself is awesome!

STEP 3: Update your header image if it could use a freshen up. The dimensions for your twitter header is 1500px wide x 500px tall. Be sure you pay attention to those places where your profile photo overlaps and leave a little room at the top and the bottom – don’t put important text that could get covered up.

Or, you can use a Canva template to make your header. I like using Canva for stuff like this because it shows you where some of those overlapping elements are in the rectangle so you can make sure that you don’t put important info behind those places.

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And that’s it for today. Tomorrow we’re going to talk about Instagram – fun, fun, fun! 🙂

Peace out,