Is Your Facebook Page Properly Representing Your Brand?

Is your Facebook page "on brand?" - if not on day 12 of the #30daybrandchallenge I'm walking you through how to brand your Facebook business page + giving you a free canva tutorial.

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Branding Your Facebook Page

If you don’t hang out on or use Facebook for marketing your business and you have zero desire to do so, then totally skip this step.

This challenge is to support you to make sure your brand is perfectly represented wherever you go, so if Facebook isn’t your turf, then carry on!

Also, I’m not going to be talking about the how and why of using facebook to promote your biz. We’ll leave that to the marketing experts. mmmkay? 🙂

What I CAN help you with, however, is getting your page set up so that it’s on brand and feels consistent with everything else that you’re doing.

If you don’t yet have a business page, but you want to create one – here’s a link walking you through how to do that.  Then, you can come back here to finish up today’s brand challenge.

So, you ready?

Today’s prompt is pretty simple:

We’re going to freshen up things on your facebook business page.

What you’re going to need:

1. Your brand story
2. Your colors + fonts + image map
3. A graphics program – or if you don’t have one – you can do this in Canva (watch the tutorial below).

Then, go visit your Facebook page – for some of you it may have been awhile since you really looked at it. Imagine you’re a visitor on the page for the first time – is your brand message coming through? Could someone get a strong sense of who you are and what your business is all about?

Go visit your about section – could it get updated? Do you need to share your brand story a little more? If so, take a few minutes sprucing and cleaning and expressing your brand vibe a little bolder and clearer.

Once all of your text and messaging is updated, look at your profile pic – is it current and representing the vibe of your brand? I just did this for myself and decided to upload a new photo of myself. My hair is now hot pink (yep, true story) and the old image was from when my hair was black. I’m going to be doing a bunch of webinars soon and decided that having my photo showing the world what I look like now – today – is important.

If you don’t have a very recent photo of yourself – find a profile photo that feels VERY on brand and consistent with the mood and vibe of your brand – that will get the job done.

You might also do a review of the things you’ve been posting recently on Facebook – is it all consistent with your brand and message? If not, delete that junk! Consistency is really important to convey a strong brand message, so make sure what you’ve been sharing and promoting makes sense for what your business is here to accomplish.

The last piece of today’s challenge is to update the header of your facebook business page if it’s no longer up to speed with your current brand vibe.

The one I had was fine – it worked, but I’ve had it up for over a year, so I decided to create something new that promoted this free 30 day challenge and was in line with the way I’m using my branding elements lately.

If you don’t feel super comfortable creating graphics for your biz, you can always hire someone to do it for you – or you can do it yourself using something like canva. It has layouts you can customize and it’s not very difficult to use. This could be a good option for you to whip something up if you aren’t wanting to hire someone right now.

I actually used canva to create a new header for my own facebook page and I created a video showing you how I did it. Sign up for the #30daybrandchallege to get access to the video and other bonus materials.

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Here in the challenge, we’re going to keep looking at one thing every day that you can update with fresh branding eyes – giving you a complete refresh! 🙂 Tomorrow, we’ll talk about branding yourself on Twitter.

See you then,