My #1 Tip If You're Planning To Rebrand Your Website + Business

If you are planning to do a rebrand, this is my best advice for you before you get started.

Almost 2 years ago, I decided that I wanted to rebrand my previous business – I was a life coach for moms – so that I could focus more on web design and open up the WHO part of my brand to not just focus on moms.  (Though a ton of my clients are still mamas!)

There was a point when I knew that I wanted to make a big change, but then it took me a YEAR to officially launch that idea into the world.

I was hesitant because I wasn’t 100% clear about what I wanted to do, who I wanted to serve, and HOW I was going to do all that.

I journaled and wrote and researched.  I redesigned my new website AT LEAST 4 times before I finally told people about and officially opened my doors for business.

Here is the thing that I wish I would have done:

Work with someone else to explore, get feedback, dig deeper and help get clarity.”

Because I was launching a design business, I really thought that I needed to do it all myself.  To show off what I’m capable of.  You, know, to prove my value.

But all that did was slow down the process.  

I was working in a quiet vacuum, not knowing if what I was creating was GOOD.  If it WORKED.

It wasn’t until I started meeting with another design friend of mine on a regular basis, that things started moving faster.  I could share with her my ideas, show her my designs.  And, just the process of talking it out – out loud – helped me to understand things about my brand that I just wasn’t seeing on my own.

With newfound clarity, I was able to roll up my sleeves and create a website that I totally loved and that perfectly communicates who I am and how I help people – and I was able to do that QUICKLY, because I was so clear.

That’s what I hope to do for you in The Bold Brand Intensive.

If you are DIYing your website and wanting to rebrand yourself (or start a shiny new brand) – I applaud you!  I know that sometimes we just have to bootstrap things because our wallet is boss.  But, doing it all yourself is challenging, sometimes frustrating, and can be confusing.

I know for me, I couldn’t see the big picture because I was so laser focused on the small details.   I couldn’t see the complete story of my brand.

The Bold Brand Intensive is way for you to keep on keepin’ on with DIYing your website.  But without having to do it alone.

  • You’ll learn everything you need – so you won’t have to keep watching random youtube videos that sort of answer your questions.
  • You’ll get tons of clarity about your brand and how to communicate what your business is about with the world.
  • You’ll get feedback about your website and your other designs so you can keep getting better and know that what you finally launch will be amazing.
  • You’ll get support and encouragement to keep going, to not give up, to get it DONE!
  • You’ll become a better writer – for the web – so your ideas shine and people want to engage with your brand.
  • and so much more!

Learn more about the program here. 

Whether you decide to join, make sure that when you start your rebrand, that you have someone to work with.  Hire a designer to work out some of your visual branding, get a coach that will help you clarify your brand objective, work with a mastermind group who are making their business dreams come true – and ask for feedback often!

The biggest advice I can give you is:  don’t do it alone!  🙂

xo, Lisa

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