I miss the old fashioned blogging days

I miss the old fashioned blogging days

Remember when we were blogging – sharing our big and little achievements. What we were making. What we had created. A space to just be proud. Like when we were kids and wanted to show the things we made. To be seen. In our achievements. Our growth. What we were learning. Just talking about what was happening. Of course with a rosy shade. A well made space. Like when we have guests over. A little more polished. Presenting the best parts of us. Or the struggle. Some people really shared the struggle. And how they were coping. And we connected over these stories. Getting to know each other.

Then things started to get slick. Sexier. Mire sellable. And we bought it.
That that was how to succeed. To really live on our own terms. Or something.

Started to package ourselves. A facade. Which is different than spiffying  up.


What I liked about it was the deliberate sharing. To capture something specific. To share. With some clarity, not just processing out loud and sharing along the way, which I tend to do.

Pushes me to slow down and pay attention more. To think about what I’m talking about and creating. Puts some deliberateness for how I live. I don’t know? That’s just how it has worked fir me. So A certain kind of magic to it. Making things special. Like scrapbooking must feel for people who really get into it. If you get into paying attention, reflecting on your exoieeiwnfe and practice sharing it in a way the connects and captures the the growth and trajectory of your win life.

It was a sweet soft space to share. Welcoming. Nourishing. Encouraging.

My introverted heart was really happy.

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