How To Make A Mood Board For Your Brand

How to create a mood board for your brand - with a bonus video that walks you through how to do this super easy in canva.

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How to create a mood board

Mood boards are a WONDERFUL way to get clear about the mood of your brand before you start picking and choosing specific visual elements. You’ll learn a lot about the visual style you’re after when you create a mood board.

What is a mood board you ask?

It’s basically a visual representation of your brand vibe – a collage of images that perfectly communicates what your brand is all about.

Here are some examples I created for you to give you an idea – (using images I pulled off of pinterest – I don’t own any of these).

Brand Voice: feminine, pretty, adventurous

Brand Voice: bold, quirky, fun

Brand Voice: earthy, natural, simple

Can you see how all three of these are distinctly feminine, but all have their own vibe or mood? That’s what you want to do for this next step: make a mood board for your brand.

I’m giving away another of my paid training videos from the Brand Clarity Workshop today in the #30daybrandchallenge that walks you through how to create a mood board, just like the ones you see here on canva (a free graphics program).

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You can create a moodboard using any image editing software that you feel comfortable with – or you can check out some online tools like or (use the free trial).

You can also just keep a pinterest board that is filled up with visual inspiration for your brand.

But, I prefer to use the grids available in canva, that way I can download the board and print it out.

Your challenge action prompt for day 7:

Create a mood board for your brand in canva, a private pinterest board, or other software. Print it out and have it at the ready for the action prompts over the next few days.

Moodboards can help you choose better images, select a color palette, create graphics, etc. It’s a VISUAL display of the mood of your brand!

It’s extremely helpful to be able to SEE what happens when you use the right imagery. It will assist you to more effectively communicate your brand, in a beautiful way, to your dream clients.

Tomorrow – we’ll revisit your brand colors to see if they still work for what you’re up to right now with your brand and biz.

Talk to you then,