How To Create A Custom Pinterest Board Cover For Your Brand

How to create custom pinterest board covers

Note:  this post was created in 2016 – so some of the dimensions below might not be current.  I quick google of “pinterest board cover dimensions – year” should do the trick for ya!  😉 

How to have your brand stand out on Pinterest

On Pinterest, you can’t create a big cover image/graphic to show off the vibe and mood of your brand like you can on Twitter on Facebook. But, there IS a way to impress your followers and create a consistent look to your boards that will also beautifully showcase your brand…

Create custom board covers for most, if not all, of your boards. 

Now, of course you’re going to want to make sure that you curate content that your ideal client will love, and you’re going to want to share your own posts and goodies from your website, and you’re going to want to use your brand voice consistently and focus on telling your brand story.

ALL of that is essential to creating your brand and letting people know what your business is all about. So, don’t leave out doing all of the above – just making things pretty isn’t going to create a brand experience. 

But, pretty is nice and it’s definitely fun, so let me walk you through how to make custom board cover graphics that will show off your brand on Pinterest.

This is the way my pinterest page looked before I took this step:

It’s not horrible – you can see some of my blog post images and I made sure to select photos that were bright and had that flavor of my brand. But, it’s not super consistent and a little all over the place – even more so the more you scroll down to some of the random boards that don’t directly have anything to do with my brand.

We’re going to deal with some of that content branding tomorrow – focusing on the pinterest game plan that you created yesterday.

Today, we’re just going to focus on the way things LOOK.

This is how my Pinterest profile page now, after applying this step of the 30 Day Brand Challenge – TOTALLY on brand and much more of a wow factor, right?

And all I did was upload and set board covers that I created to perfectly work with my brand. Here are the details of how to do this for YOUR pinterest page:

Step 1: Create Your Template

I’m going to show you how to do this in Canva, but feel free to use whatever graphics program you prefer.

Create a new document the will be the template for your current and future board covers.

The perfect dimension for this is: 217px wide x 147px tall.  In canva, there isn’t a template for this one, so you’ll have to select “use custom dimensions” in the upper right corner.

Just plug in the 217 x 147 dimensions and hit design.

That little box is pretty small, so you might want to zoom in your design before you start creating it:

Step 2: Design Your Custom Pinterest Board Cover

Design your board cover using the colors, fonts and any other design elements that are part of your brand.

You don’t have to worry about getting TOO fancy – it’s a small graphic – just come up with something that you like and that uses your design elements and communicates what the pinterest board is all about.

What will have this have power is it’s use repeatedly on the page.

Once you have your design, download it (button top right) and save it as a high quality PNG in a folder on your computer.

Step 3: Upload Your Custom Pinterest Board Cover

First, you need to upload the image into the pinterest board.  Push the + button at the top right of your pinterest page:

Select the option to upload from your computer:

Select choose an image and go find it on your computer. Once it uploads, I would put something in the description of this pin and a link back to your website. I used the category link of smart business strategies on my blog. Then select the folder this image belongs to and pin it.

Step 4: Change your Pinterest Board Cover to the new, custom image

On your profile page, push the edit button at the bottom of the board that you want to update.

While you’re in there – you might as well update the name and description of your board (if it needs it – you’re always looking for ways to keep having your brand be consistent everywhere).

Make sure to include key words that people might search for when looking for the type of content that you’ll be curating for this board.

Then, once you’ve updated your board description, push the change button, next to the Cover label:

This will prompt you to find the image you want to use for your cover. It should be right there since you just uploaded it, or you can use the arrows to scroll through the pins that have been shared to this board to find the one you want. Once you find it, hit save changes.

Just a note – if you don’t want to go through the extra steps of creating a custom graphic for each of your boards, you COULD just do this for each board on your pinterest page, selecting the pin/image that you feel best communicates the vibe and message of your brand.

Once you have saved the pin as your cover – it will take you back to the board edit screen. Again, hit save.

And you’re done!

Step 5: Repeat

You don’t have to do this for every single board in your profile – of course you can, but you could do it just for the ones that are directly related to your business. It’s entirely up to you – and how much patience you have to sit and go through this process for all of your boards! 🙂