How do you create a bold, powerful brand message?

How do you create a bold, powerful brand message that helps you stand out and get noticed? #30daybrandchallenge
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How do you simply + clearly tell your brand story?

Yesterday, your #30daybrandchallenge prompt was to flush out your brand story with some writing prompts that got you clear about the difference you and your business makes.

Now, you want to find a way to simply and effectively tell that story in a clean, short, easy to communicate format.

I call this your brand message.

Your brand message can be used in a number of ways:

  • You can expand it on your home or your about page to quickly capture the attention of your ideal audience.
  • You can use it as your Facebook “about” or shorten it up a little for instagram or twitter.
  • You’ll create dozens of variations for your brand message and you’ll use them EVERYWHERE to speak about what you do, who you serve and what makes your business so amazing.

So, let’s figure out your brand message, shall we?

If you’ve been following along so far, you’ve already completed the pre-work for this in days 1-3 of the challenge (catch up here). You’ve created your goals, gotten clear about who you serve, and you’ve dug in to map out your brand storyThe piece that now will help tie all of that together is your WHY.

Why are you in business? What are you here to do and who are meant to make a difference with?

Your brand statement should be fairly short – a longer sentence or short paragraph that neatly wraps up all that you do in a lovely little package that you can use to communicate with the world. KA-POW!

Your brand’s marketing message should state clearly:
  • Who you serve – aka Your DREAM client
  • What they are struggling with
  • The outcome you will help them create
  • What makes you unique?

WHO you serve:
Use the work you did on the day 2 “Dream Client” worksheet to come up with a simple statement about who it is that you serve.

What your dream client is STRUGGLING with:
This is why they would want to hire you – because they have a need – something that they need help with and it’s gotten to the point that they now want to pay someone to help them with it.

  • It could be that they don’t know how to do something and so they want you to teach them.
  • It could be that they want their home to be more beautiful so they want to purchase art that will make them feel good.
  • Maybe they are in actual physical pain and they want it to go away.

The “struggle” doesn’t have to be negative – you could almost think of it as a want or a desire.

What OUTCOME does your business provide:
You have a solution to their struggle or desire. You have something to provide them and you can give them the results that they crave.

You can alleviate their back pain, or make their home more organized, or bring in more money for their business. Think about the actual, specific results that you and your business is promising to your clients.

What makes you UNIQUE:
Why should someone hire you? What about your business, how you work, what you deliver on makes you unique? What is it about you and your business that’s special?

This can be hard to figure out on your own. You may need to go ask some of your favorite clients – why do they like to work with you? What has them choose you over someone else? What’s their favorite part of doing business with you?

Here’s my marketing message, as an example:

I help coaches, creatives and big time visionaries be awesome online so they can make more money, doing what they love. By creating bold brands, kick ass digital spaces and powerful marketing strategies, my clients can stop hiding out and start being COURAGEOUS about building and growing their dream business.

The Who: coaches, creatives and big time visionaries

The Struggle: they have website shame or don’t feel clear about what their business is all about, so they hide out and play small, which means not making as much money as they want or they just don’t feel successful

The Outcome: be awesome online and make more money

My Uniqueness: I’m great at truly empowering people so they feel confident, get in action, and show up powerfully in all that they do. I know how to clear the fog and get people feeling bold and fired up.

You don’t have to get fancy and clever with your words when coming up with your brand message. CLARITY is far more important than fancy. You want to make sure that your message COMMUNICATES.

Your challenge action prompt for day 4:

Use the worksheet I created (available inside of the #30daybrandchallenge), or write out on your own paper the 4 elements that work together to create a brand message. Then go through what you’ve written, clean it up, simplify it and put together a strong, bold, clear brand statement for your (awesome!) business.

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If you’d like some input on your message, feel free to email me your brand message – I’d love to give you some individual feedback to make sure you’re on track and creating something awesome for your brand.

Your brand message doesn’t have to be a static thing that you get stuck with – so long as the heart of it is clear and you infuse it in all that you have to say – you’re golden.

Like I said above, you’ll find a dozen different ways to say what you have to say, and your message will get refined the more you speak it. So don’t worry about getting this one perfect – a good gist can be a solid foundation. For serious!

Tomorrow…  We’re going to take all of this and have a little fun with it – looking at your brand’s voice and vibe! And, hopefully the work we’ve done so far is getting you a little more clear about your brand and ready to take on the world!

Talk to you tomorrow,