How CLARITY can help your business AND your life

This is probably the most important ingredient to help you accomplish your business (and life) goalsWhat is the most important ingredient to help you accomplish your goals?

I know that you have goals in your business and in your life – and sometimes (not very often, though, right?) you may find yourself having a hard time reaching those goals and staying focused.

Like, you know that you want to reach more people with your business and you feel like you’ve been putting yourself out there, but things aren’t happening fast enough.

Or, you want to lose weight, but it’s been hard to “stick to the plan” and you and your best friend, ice cream, have a super steamy love affair that just won’t go away.

Or, you want to save up to go on a special trip that you’ve been day dreaming about for a long time.

Goals, dreams, plans – the yummy stuff worth living for – are sometimes the hardest things to accomplish. 

There are a ton of resources out there for planning and staying accountable, so I’m not going to get into that.

But, there is one thing that if you don’t skip over it can make a really big difference BEFORE you start with the actual execution of your big plans.

What is this secret ingredient, you ask?  It’s CLARITY.

If you want to lose some weight for example.. just wanting it isn’t enough. That’s because some of the more surface reasons for wanting it doesn’t really do the trick – things like looking good or “feeling better.”

What does “feeling better” really mean?

I’ve wanted to lose weight for a long time – since my son was born – (gulp! 10 years ago) but no matter how bad I’ve wanted it, I haven’t lost weight – in fact I’ve gained more!  That is until the past few months – I’ve officially lost 10 pounds. Which is far from my overall goal, but is WAY more than I’ve accomplished in this area of my life – in years!

How I’ve done it is the usual things – eating better (and less) and starting to move my body more.. but what’s gotten me motivated to do that – and keep doing that (aka sticking to the plan) – is that I did some super deep digging about WHY I wanted to lose weight and how I really wanted to FEEL in my body.

I got clear – crystal clear – in a deep, real, authentic way about exactly what it is that I wanted. I did some mega truth telling about how’s it’s been for me and what I want and WHY I want it.

And knowing that is what’s keeping me on track and moving toward my goal. Without question. Not sticking to the plan just isn’t an option anymore. I had a shift, deep in my bones, about why this is so important to me.

This same principal applies to ANYTHING that you want in your life. 

If you’re looking for an amazing partner in life – you need crystal CLARITY about what that means for you and what kind of life you want with this magic person. When you’re clear, like no BS, really clear – then you won’t settle for an “almost” person that may be great, but isn’t what you REALLY want for a mate.

Same thing for your business. When you’re crystal clear about:
  • who you want to work with and
  • WHY you’ve created this business and
  • what it is that you most want to say and
  • how you’re uniquely contributing something to the world..

When you know that stuff – in a deep way – not surface stuff, but really digging in and laying it down.. getting yourself so freakin’ clear about YOUR brand and YOUR message and YOUR mission in the world.

Only THEN can you get to work creating and serving and putting your ideas out into the world. 

Now, you can get to work before you get clarity, we do that all the time. But let me tell you..  being CLEAR moves things forward so much faster because you won’t be wasting your time doing stuff that isn’t perfectly aligned with what you’re up to and what you MOST want your business to contribute to the world.

It’s like dating a guy that’s nice and “fine”, but he doesn’t inspire you or make you all warm and fuzzy inside.

FEELING freakin’ amazing and over the moon inspired about your business is a much bigger motivator than “making money”  (or whatever other surface reason you have for doing what you do.)

So that’s why I think that for ANY big goal that you want to accomplish.. take the time to get CLARITY about what it is that you really want, deep at the core of your being. It will make a huge difference in getting you motivated to make your dreams a reality.

So…  Go get yourself inspired, clear and in action – so you can make an impact, doing what you truly love!


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