Give Your Pinterest Account A Brand Makeover

How to give your pinterest a brand makeover

Let’s finish up getting your Pinterest account all spruced up.

The past two days, we’ve looked at the bigger picture – coming up with a game plan for your Pinterest page, and I showed you how to create custom board covers so that your page will look VERY on brand and gorgeous.

Today, we’ll address a couple of other things you can do to make your Pinterest account stand out and beautifully express your brand.

1. Make sure your profile picture is current and/or a great representation of your brand. To access your profile pic, click your photo in the top right corner when you’re logged in >> Select “My Profile” >> Click “Edit Profile” >> Click “Change Picture” >> Then select the one you want from your computer and save.

2. Update your about section. Go back and review your brand story to make sure that your about section is helping to tell the story you want your brand to be sharing with the world. Update it as needed, thinking about your ideal customer and the intention of connecting with them.

3.  Clean up your boards. Did you know that you can rearrange the order of your boards on the page? All you do is click on the board – where the title is and move it to where you want it to be.

I recommend that you put the boards that directly relate to your brand at the top – showcasing the resource that your pinterest account is for your ideal customers.

This would also be a good time to go in and delete any boards that just don’t make sense and that your ideal customers wouldn’t be interested in at all. If you don’t want to loose the pinboard altogether, you could always make it a secret board – so only you would see it and those off topic boards don’t distract from your overall message.

4. Delete useless pins. Go into your boards – especially the ones that are directly related to your brand and the types of services or products that you offer – and look it over. Does what you’ve curated for this board truly represent your brand and the type of content you want to be sharing?

If you see anything that feels off – either because of the images used or because the topic doesn’t really help YOUR brand shine, then delete.  A little housekeeping here could really go a long way.

5.. Delete unpopular pins. This is not essential to having your pinterest be on brand. But, I’ve read quite a few articles about how going in to your account from time to time and deleting pins with zero engagement can actually boost your account and have the pinterest algorithms start sharing more of your pins with your followers.

The idea is that since pinterest works with this mysterious, complex algorithm – it looks for pins that are useful or popular to decide which ones it should share to your followers – or which ones should come to the top of searches. If your account has many zero pins – or even ones with just 1 – 2 repins, it may decide that your account isn’t as useful – so it will “bump” you down in the feeds.

But, if you go in and get rid of those, then when the robots analyze your account, it will see that most everything you’ve shared has been repinned – so you must be pinning good stuff, and they will show your pins to more people.

I don’t have hard evidence on this one, but I have tried it and noticed a little boost of popularity when I do. So it might be worth experimenting with this one to see if it helps your account get noticed.