13 Ways To Get Your Brand To Stand Out

How can you get your brand to stand out?

It isn’t enough to have a really awesome brand.

If you want to make money and make the different you want your business to make – you also have to get noticed!

A beautiful gorgeous brand, just sitting there, looking pretty isn’t going to produce results. You have to get people to SEE you and start interacting and getting to know you so they’s come visit your awesome website.

Here are some ways to get your brand to stand out:

1.  Brand clarity

Do you know who your ideal, most dreamy clients are?  Do you know how you uniquely serve them?  What difference is your business here on the earth to make? What is your message and your voice?  How do you help people to accomplish their goals?

These are some of the key ingredients to creating a memorable brand.

If all you’re doing is focusing on your colors or fonts then you aren’t really creating a brand. Remember that branding is all about creating an EXPERIENCE and to do that well, you have to be clear about your brand’s personality.

2.  Visual Storytelling

You still need to tell a compelling visual story, however. The world is increasingly visual (especially on social media) so you want to show up like a pro.

Have a clear visual story that perfectly reflects the heart of your brand.  

And make sure you tell that story over and over – on your website, on social media, in your newsletter.

I just had someone tell me how they recently got an email form me and couldn’t remember who I was just from my name, but as soon they opened it and saw my brand visuals, they instantly remembered and were happy to keep reading because they’d always enjoyed what I’ve shared.

3.  Consistency

Make sure the heart and soul + the visual story of your brand is all over everything that you do. You want all of your social media accounts to feel 100% on brand, more like an extension of your website vs. external separate entities.

Use the same colors, they same types of photos, the same fonts, the same brand message, the same brand personality.

You want people to know that this is YOU whenever you show up and are around. The best way to do that is by being super super consistent with everything that you do.

4. Show up and contribute

You can’t just throw up a Facebook page or a website and expect people to come to you. You have to show up and provide value for people. Let people get to know you and your brand by seeing the difference you’re willing to make.

Provide value – always – with every interaction. Be there for people, answer questions, share your expertise, help people to accomplish their goals.

5.  Share your passion

Let people know that you freakin’ love what you do, that it’s more than a paycheck – you’re hear to do something that matters.

Shout it from the rooftops, beat your drum, open your mouth!

Passion is contagious and when people hear you speaking from the heart about what you love to do – over and over again, they will remember (and love) you for that.

6.  Reach out and get to know people

Like really get to know people. One of the things that makes me super proud about my business is the number of people who come back to work with me again and again.

I think the main reason for that is that I really love my people and I make sure they know it. I spend time getting to know them and what they need, which makes it easier for me to help the along the way.

7.  Surprise and Delight

Do something special for your clients. Give them a bonus gift or something that adds value to what you offer. Sometimes that can simple be showing up and being really present with them, making sure they are seen and known and appreciated.

Any little (or big) thing you can do to go above and beyond will always leave an impression and make people happy to do business with you.

8. Up your quality

Take better pictures, write a more compelling sales page, deepen the value you provide in your content.

Anything you can do to make sure what you put out in the world today is better than what you put out yesterday will let people know that you will always keep working hard and bringing the very best.

9. Be yourself

People can smell bullshit a mile away. They know when you’re holding back or putting mis-truth out into the universe.

You don’t have to reveal all of your secrets, but for sure don’t hide who you really are – it’s what makes you awesome!

There is no one on the planet like you. You are a unique amazing human and people want the real deal, not some made up version of yourself.

10.  Pay attention

Listen to your clients and people out on social media – what do they need? What are they hungry for? What could you help them with?

This doesn’t mean go create programs or services for every dang thing that people seem to be wanting. But, you can point them in the right direction toward somebody who does just what they’re asking for, or you could find a great article that answers their questions.

Also, people love – more than anything in the world – to be HEARD and UNDERSTOOD. So do that for people every chance you get.

11.  Be generous

Don’t hold all your cards close to your chest. Give away your best stuff! This will help to establish you as an expert, and it will build trust with potential customers. When they know that you really do know what you’re talking about – they’ll want to learn more.

Also, we are all here to help make the world a better place and the best way I know to do that is to be as generous as I can – with my knowledge, my expertise, my kindness, my time, and my appreciation.

12.  Authentically give a shit

This should be a no brainer, but sometimes it’s easy to go through the motions – just doing stuff because you think it’s what you “should” be doing.

You have to stop – often – and check in to why you’re creating this business. Remind yourself of this often and make sure that everything you do is a reflection of that. From taking the time to format your blog posts, to creating great images, to upgrading your website, to interaction with clients, to sharing your story.

It matters. All of it. Give a shit about doing the best work you can possibly do.

13.  Be curious

You’re never going to have it all handled. There will always be more to learn. You can always do better.

Don’t ever stop growing and learning and becoming that best damn business person you can be.

Also – be extra curious about your clients. Who are they? What matters to them? What’s stopping them from succeeding and having the results they want?

Don’t ever assume you know – ask the and spend the time growing those relationships – it will payoff tenfold.


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