Finding your own rhythm a business owner - doing things in ways that make sense FOR YOU

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Finding your own rhythm as a business owner.

You can’t always be ON, inspired, motivated.

Sometimes we need to rest, think, process.
We need to shift gears and give something else our attention – besides our business!

The world wants us to work, work, work and do nothing but work.
A machine, making and doing all the time.
Always available.
Always producing.

But that’s now how we are wired as humans. We ebb and flow.

There are times for massive productivity and accomplishment. And there are times to rest and just be.

Finding your own flow, your own rhythm, really knowing yourself and working at a pace that makes sense.

Practice that.

It makes a big difference. In how we experience our work, in our level of satisfaction, in the overall health of of things.

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