Does your website or blog header need a refresh?

Does your blog header need a refresh? That's your action step for day 11 of the #30daybrandchallenge

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Refreshing Your Website Header

In this challenge, we’re not going to do a full on website overhaul – that’s best left for a designer or taking it on in an organized, DIY program like The Bold Brand Intensive.

But, to continue upleveling your brand, we are going to look at some things that you can do to quickly freshen up your website to bring a more cohesive story to everything that you’re doing.

Today, we get to move on from the conceptual branding ideas that I’ve been having you think about to what’s actually happening in your business – starting with your website header and navigation.

To complete today’s challenge, you’ll need some basic understanding of how to update your own website. If you don’t do that – you hired someone who’s in charge of all your website magic – you could use today to take a peek at what you currently have and see if there’s anything that could be updated and send a note to your web person to get that taken care of.

There may be NOTHING for you to do today, but since we’re looking at your branding across the board, I want to make sure I’m walking you through as many places that might benefit form a brand refresh.

So for today… Let’s look at the header and navigation of your website.

You may have discovered some new fonts, colors or imagery that work better at communicating the message of your brand, making you want to update your blog header or your logo.

Maybe you’ve gotten clearer about your dream client, and you think it’s time to retire offerings or services that just are not what that dream client is looking for.

I’m not asking you to tackle a complete 100% logo design today – that’s a whole process. But, if you feel like a new logo is what your brand does need, what I would do for today’s task is figure out how you’re going to go about creating something new (hire someone or DIY) and get that scheduled and in the budget.

If, however, you’ve created a fairly simple blog header or text graphic for your website – have a look at it with fresh eyes, thinking through all of the work we’ve done to better define your brand. Could your header graphic get an upgrade?

If so, that is your task for today – get that gorgeous header created!

A tip for you about this – it doesn’t have to be PERFECT to be effective. You can clearly communicate your brand values – the heart and soul of who you are and have things be inline with your brand message without having the fanciest, slickest logo.

So don’t worry about it being your DREAM design – have your attention on brand clarity instead. Presenting something that speaks to your ideal clients and expresses the voice and vibe of your brand.

You may not have the budget or the time right now to create your perfect website or logo, but you CAN make sure that what you’re putting out there in the world is on brand and getting the job done. 

Also, relook at your navigation. Is it clear and to the point and directing visitors exactly where you want them to go. Again, think about your dream clients, your brand voice, and the brand story that you want to tell.

Clean up anything that feels outdated or irrelevant to where you now want to take your brand.

And that’s all there is to focus on for today.

On day 18, we’ll come back around to your website/blog and I’ll give a few more things you can do to clean things up and bring your web space more on brand.

But, I wanted to make sure you have an updated header graphic before starting to do some work on your social media branding, which we’ll begin tomorrow.

Talk to you then,