How to Do Your Own Website Audit

10 Steps to do a self-audit of your website - make it awesome!

Your website is an important tool for helping you to grow your business. Because we are in it, used to it and working from it all the time, it’s super easy to neglect (and just not see) a few key aspects that will have your website working it’s sweet little heart out to produce the maximum results for your business.

Here are 10 things you can look at to make sure your site is awesome..  it’s website audit time!

1.  Does your website have easy, clear navigation?

There is nothing worse than wanting to do something on a website and not being able to find the information I’m looking for! Make sure your potential clients and customers can find what they need.

Skip the fancy + clever page descriptions, don’t hide your most important offerings, and don’t overwhelm folks with way more info than they know what to do with.

Intentionally steer people to what they want and what will help them to choose doing business with you.

People want to follow the easiest path toward their goals, help them out by making sure your site content is well organized and easy to find.

2.  Is there a good way to contact you?

Seems pretty self evident, but can people get ahold of you? Test your contact form, make sure it’s still working. Update your phone number if it’s changed. Add, delete or update any social media profiles that you’re using.

3.  Do you have an up to date, professional photo of yourself?

People want to KNOW you, they want to connect and feel like they are part of your tribe. One of the best, easiest ways to do that is to have at lease one great photo of yourself on your site – at a minimum on your about page.

Professional, branded photography is going to make the best impression, but you can still take some great self portraits that don’t feel like “selfies” – here are some tips on how to do that.

If you don’t have at least one great photo, take an afternoon and get clicking!

4.  Set up a mailing list or review what you currently have.

Your mailing list is one of the most effective ways for reaching your audience and promoting what you’re working on. It’s a great way to stay in touch, deepen your relationship and keep reminding potential clients that you’re available to work with them.

If you don’t have one yet, you can get a free account with mailchimp, which I think is one of the easiest to set up. It can be a little tricky to customize and set up the actual sign up forms that go on your website, so shout out if you need help with that. A good plugin I recommend for creating branded opt-in forms on your site is Magic Action Box. The free version is robust and easy to set up.

If you already have a newsletter – give it a test drive. Sign up and go through the process of opting in – read what you’re sending out to people and update things if it’s no longer relevant or off brand. I often forget things I’ve said and it’s good to go back to make sure that what you’re sending is up to date.

5.  Freshen up your homepage

It might be that you set your site up years ago and what was once the norm for homepages is no longer what people expect. Yours could be out of date, or just not working to produce the kind of results you want your website to produce.

Your homepage is prime real estate that you may not be maximizing. I just wrote up some tips to create an awesome website (with examples) that you can read. Spend a little time updating yours so that it’s bringing in the type of work you want to be doing.

6.  Is your pricing easily available if people want to know how much you charge?

I should probably write up a whole thing about this one! I often get asked about whether or not to share your pricing on your website.

My answer is a big loud, roaring.. YES!

Even if you put together custom quotes for potential clients, let people know a starting point. People want to know if they can afford you, so let them know before they go through all the trouble of reaching out and waiting for a response.

Yes, there is merit in creating value so that people are willing to spend outside of their comfort zone, I totally get that. But there is a big difference between spending $700 for something vs $8000. Let people know what they are likely to spend if they want to hire you.

7.  Check that everything is working properly

I was recently on a website for another designer and things were WONKY. Which just messes with someones credibility, especially if you’re a web designer! Their own site should be functioning awesome, don’t you agree?

But, even if you aren’t a designer, you want your site to be professional. You want your site to look good and display the way it’s supposed to look. Sometimes you don’t even visit our own website very often so you might not know that something isn’t working.

Take a few minutes to go through your pages and fix anything that’s broken.

8.  How does your site look on your phone?

Ooof. This is a big one! I won’t throw a bunch of stats at you to prove my point, but I think we can all agree that more and more people are on their phones. If they click a link to your site while trolling on Facebook, what are they going to see?

If your site is not mobile friendly, you are losing potential clients. Period. It’s time to make the transition, it really is. If your site looks bad on a mobile device, take the time to fix it. PLEASE!

If you don’t know how to do this, please ask! I would be more than happy to point you in the right direction based on the current state of affairs for your site. It’s super important, so let me help you get it done if you can’t figure it out yourself.

If you don’t have a smart phone, or want to see how your website looks on different devices, here’s a good tool to test things out.

9.  Review your products and services page

Are these the things you’re still wanting to sell? Maybe you had an idea for something really awesome, but not very many people have signed up and you aren’t too keen on it anymore. Clean up your offerings so that they are what you most love to do, they are what your potential clients most need, and that will forward you generating the most income and love for your business.

Review your sales pages – are they slimy and too sales -pitchy? Are you fully expressing the benefits and impact that your services provide for people?

It’s always a good idea to review your copy to make sure you’re saying what you really want to say in the way you most want to say it. Plus, our writing improves over time and you for sure want those sales pages to sparkle with your very best.

10.  Do you have extra junk that you just don’t need?

I think sometimes we add information to our websites that we just don’t really need to provide. It’s fluff. Or off brand. Or just so off topic that it doesn’t forward the mission of your business.

Step back and take a look at your website with fresh eyes. If you have never been to your website before, is there information that just doesn’t matter? Is there too much “stuff”? I’m a huge fan of less = more when it comes to business websites. Sometimes we add things because they are cute, or someone else was doing it, or we think its funny, but it just doesn’t forward anything.

Take some time to look over all your content and simplify. People just aren’t reading every little detail on your website. They maybe used to do that, but with so much information out there nowadays, streamlining your content to your very best stuff will elevate the quality and credibility of your business by miles.