Do you really need a website?

It can actually be sort of complicated...

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Do you *really* need a website?

Yes, no, maybe…. 🤷🏽‍♂️
It’s complicated.

As a web designer, my job might be to convince you that yes, you for sure DO need a website…

But, the truth is – I don’t really think you do.

I mean yes.. A website is a great place to show off your work, to talk about what you do, it’s a way for people to learn about what you offer, and it gives people a method to reach out and hire you…

A website is a great tool to showcase what your work is all about.

But the thing is that it is only just that: a tool. It is not the be all and end all solution that people will try to convince you that it is.

For the people I work with: coaches, artists, health consultants, change makers.. A website is not going to build your business up all on its own.

The thing that IS needed – no matter what your business is – is for you to have an effective, sustainable way to reach and connect with people so that you can share your work with them.

To grow, you have to TALK with people.

There are a TON of ways to promote yourself and you don’t NEED a website to do that.

If you are not sending people TO your website, it won’t be a very effective tool. Period.

I have seen people create great success without a website. Or with a super simple website.

They are courageous about showing up and sharing their work. THAT is what caused their success.

Not their website.

I think we put too much importance on websites – just like with branding – like this is the thing that is going to help us succeed.

A website (alone) is not going to do it.

Courage and showing up will bring in WAY more paying customers than a gorgeous top dollar website will.

And yes, create a website! It is an amazing tool.

Just don’t bet the farm on it. Creating and building a business is so much more than pretty colors and nice words on the page.

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