Do you have a map for your brand?

Do you have a road map for your brand? Day 10 of the #30daybrandchallenge shows you how to create one.
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Today’s prompt is super quick and easy!

You’re going to need your brand elements pretty much every time you need to create some kind of graphic for your business.

I highly recommend that you have those all together, in one document, that you can print up or bring up on your computer quickly and easily.

It can disrupt your flow to go looking for the hex codes for your colors, or trying to remember the name of the fonts that you’re using, or you can just be plugging along and completely lose connection to your who, why and what.

So, for today’s prompt – your job is to gather up all of your branding materials and put them together in one quick and easy document.

It doesn’t need to be neat and pretty – just accessible. 

Of course, you CAN make it stunning and gorgeous if you want – but what I would do it just open up a word document and write up, all in one place:

  1. Your dream client
  2. Your brand story
  3. Your Voice + Vibe
  4. Your Brand Message
  5. The types of images that you use for your brand
  6. The hex codes for all of your colors
  7. The names of all of your fonts

This, all put together, will become your brand map – your guide as you set out to create products, graphics, social media posts, etc for your brand.

Again, it doesn’t have to be super pretty – this is just for you – to have your brand essentials at the ready, whenever you need them.  It also is a nice thing to have if you find yourself wanting to hire a designer to do custom branding work for you – they’re going to need these things!

And that’s it for today’s challenge prompt – a simple house keeping task that will save you time and effort down the road.

On the agenda for tomorrow: we’re going to look at your website header/logo.

I’ll see you then!