Combine your passions into one business + brand? Or keep things separate?

This is a common source of confusion for people starting out with a new business.

Should you combine all of your passions into ONE business, under one name and website and brand, or should you separate  them out into individual businesses?

Here are my thoughts about this. 

First off, my focus is on personal branding. That means that most of the people I work with offer a product or service that is deeply part of who they are and their unique take on a subject or area of expertise.

THEY are very much part of their brand. The unique vibe and personality of their brand stems from the what makes THEM, as a human, unique.

So when asked about whether or not you should combine your passions into one business, my answer is usually going to lean towards YES.

Because all of what makes YOU unique and special – all of those different passions, they will often work really well to make a 100% unique, true to you brand.

But, I know that it can get fuzzy and confusing figuring out just how to do this.

So, let me give you some guiding thoughts as you sort out how you’re going to structure your business and offerings.

If you are a multi-passionate human and you aren’t sure if you should combine those passions into one business, the first question to explore is:

“What connects all of these ideas I have?”

See if you can find the thread that unites all of it.  That thread can then become the primary commitment of your overall brand.

Let’s look at an example:

Let’s say that you are therapist, focusing on couples and family dynamics. You have a website that lays out all of your offers, they way you work with people, your pricing etc.  But let’s say that you also love tarot cards and some of the more mystical ways to approach navigating life.

Do you bring that metaphysical aspect into your therapy website and business or do you keep them separate – as 2 unique businesses?

Well, first off… there is no right answer.  There is only what’s right FOR YOU. 

But, let’s start with this first question to explore – how do both of these 2 things relate? “What connects your therapy practice with you love for tarot?”

Well, both of them help people navigate toward what they most want in life. They are tools to guide and support decisions as well as processing things that are happening and things that have happened in the past.

So, you could easily use both tools in your practice with couples. They each support the other. Your therapy expertise will naturally be brought into your card reading and doing a card reading could help a couple connect to whatever they might be struggling with.

BUT!  You might have a concern that the tarot reading is just to “woo-woo” for your therapy practice. Which may or may not be the case.

So this brings me to the next question to explore:

“Who is the audience I MOST want to work with?”

You’d need to look at this for all of your different offers and passions.

Using our example, if your primary audience for your therapy practice are traditional people, who would not at all enjoy something like tarot, then combining the two passions may not make sense.

But, are they your IDEAL clients?

Like if you were fully being YOU, doing your thing, sharing all of you and what you believe, all of what you love to talk about, all of what you have to offer – wouldn’t you most love to work with a couple that would 100% benefit from your brilliant therapy skills AND they would also get excited to see what the cards have to say?

THIS is the heart of personal branding. Being able to create something that incorporates what you have to offer – the WHOLE of you – into the work you do.

Now, you might find that the audiences for your different passions are really – VERY different.

Let’s say that you super love childbirth and you also love to make custom tailored mens suits. It might be harder to connect those two passions into one unified brand. It could still be done, but it’s not as logical because the connects aren’t easily found.

But, more often then not – you will be able to combine your passion and if you can, I truly think that you should.

The more you can be YOU in your business, the more your business will feel like truth.

And people respond to that.  The RIGHT people. Customers that just get you and love your vibe and energy and what you’re all about.  They will become HUGE fans and really want to work with you.

If I were seeking a therapist to help me with something, I would be so psyched to find someone that I completely jived with. Who I felt free to be MYSELF with them because we speak the same language. I would opt to work with that person over some fuddy-duddy, boring, no personality, generic therapist any day.

I want to give my business to people who get me, who I trust, and who share the same ideas about life as I do. 

Your many passions give people access to knowing YOU – all of the interesting things that make you one of a kind.

Should you combine your interests into one business?  Yes, if it makes sense because you can connect your passions to each other and if it makes sense to your audience. Your IDEAL customers, not just any ol’ person that might come along to hire you.

It can sometimes feel hard to discover how your passions connect and how your different audiences connect, I know.

You might have to dig deeper… look at WHY you love what you love – what do you get out of it, what do customers get out of working with you.

Dig deeper than the typical answers.  REALLY look – because your passions all come from you – 1 person – they all connect in some way, you just have to find that golden thread.

Your audiences might feel very different, especially demographically… but if you really look – your ideal customers probably have similarities that may not be immediately obvious.  They could have similar commitments and goals that go beyond male/female, young/old, etc.

If you can make those deeper connections, it is likely that you’ll be able to combine yours passions under one business roof.

If you just can’t, then that’s okay too!

There’s nothing wrong with having a couple of smaller businesses. Do what makes sense and what you can get behind. Don’t try to force a round peg into a square hole!  Trust yourself here. 🙂

And as always, if you need help sorting it out.. reach out and say hello.  This is what I LOVE doing with people. It can make a big difference to chat it out with someone.