Grow your personal brand to grow your BUSINESS!

Raise your hand if GROWING your business is important to you… Your hand should be way high up and waving loudly!  (don’t be shy) Well, let’s look at one of the BEST ways for you to seriously grow your business. What is this magical unicorn? > Growing your personal brand Before we get into it,…

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6 Branding Mistakes To Avoid As You Build And Create Your Business

Branding mistakes to avoid as you build and create your business.

  Branding can be complicated. I know that you want to set a Fan-TAB-ulous tone that will help your business succeed and grow. But, it is absolutely possible that your branding efforts will go off course – taking you into a land of confusion and unclarty. It happens, to all of us. So… to help keep you…

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Why I think you ABSOLUTELY should put your rates on your website!

Why I think you should put your prices on your website

  Should you put your rates on your website? Absolutely!  Don’t make people work to figure out if they can afford you!! There’s nothing more frustrating to a potential client than to be on someone’s website and think – “Yes! I love this person, I would so love to work with them.” And then they…

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Focusing on these 3 things will help you grow your business

3 things you can do to grow your business

I know that you want to grow your business… But, what’s it going to take? Here are 3 areas that if you start paying attention to them – you should start to see some real growth in your business: 1. Clarity. It’s easy to get obsessed with clarity, which can stop you from getting into…

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How to Deliver an Awesome, Well-Branded Newsletter

How to deliver an awesome newsletter

Does your newsletter tell your brand story? There are many things to think about when bringing your brand to your newsletter. A newsletter is a great way for you to get to know your readers – and for them to get to know you. It’s also a way for you to connect and showcase the…

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How to brand the SIGN UP process for your newsletter

How to brand your mailchimp signup process.

Let’s look at the way that people sign up for your newsletter. Yesterday, I talked about your free opt-in offer to entice people to sign up for your mailing list. But, what about the process that they go through when they actually sign up? How do things look? Are you using your brand voice and…

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Is Your Opt-In Doing Good Stuff For Your Brand?

How to know when it's time to update your opt-in

What is your newsletter opt-in doing for your brand? For today, I’m not going to talk about all of the ins and outs and why’s and how come’s for having a great opt-in for your website. Bottom line – it’s smart business to build up your mailing list and having an irresistible opt-in is one…

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Give Your Pinterest Account A Brand Makeover

Let’s finish up getting your Pinterest account all spruced up. The past two days, we’ve looked at the bigger picture – coming up with a game plan for your Pinterest page, and I showed you how to create custom board covers so that your page will look VERY on brand and gorgeous. Today, we’ll address…

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How To Create A Custom Pinterest Board Cover For Your Brand

How to create custom pinterest board covers

Note:  this post was created in 2016 – so some of the dimensions below might not be current.  I quick google of “pinterest board cover dimensions – year” should do the trick for ya!  😉  How to have your brand stand out on Pinterest On Pinterest, you can’t create a big cover image/graphic to show…

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How To Really Show Off Your Brand On Pinterest

Pinterest is a great way to reinforce and build up your brand. You may or you may not be on Pinterest and if this social media platform holds no interest for you – then just skip over this challenge (and the next few coming the rest of this week). But, if you ARE on pinterest…

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