Grow your personal brand to grow your BUSINESS!

Raise your hand if GROWING your business is important to you… Your hand should be way high up and waving loudly!  (don’t be shy) Well, let’s look at one of the BEST ways for you to seriously grow your business. What is this magical unicorn? > Growing your personal brand Before we get into it,…

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How To Add a Burst of Brightness To Your Brand

Sometimes you might find your brand… lacking. You know how it is when things lose their sparkle and start to feel boring and just, meh? That doesn’t mean you have to dig in and do a complete overhaul/rebrand. In fact, that feeling of sparkle loss could just be because YOU are used to things and…

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My step by step DIY Website Guide

While I looooooove working with clients one-on-one to create amazing online spaces.. I DO think there’s a ton of good reason for branding and building your website yourself – DIY style! That’s why I created this DIY website guide – to walk you through my process of creating your very own website. First off.. why…

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6 Branding Mistakes To Avoid As You Build And Create Your Business

Branding mistakes to avoid as you build and create your business.

  Branding can be complicated. I know that you want to set a Fan-TAB-ulous tone that will help your business succeed and grow. But, it is absolutely possible that your branding efforts will go off course – taking you into a land of confusion and unclarty. It happens, to all of us. So… to help keep you…

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Give Your Pinterest Account A Brand Makeover

Let’s finish up getting your Pinterest account all spruced up. The past two days, we’ve looked at the bigger picture – coming up with a game plan for your Pinterest page, and I showed you how to create custom board covers so that your page will look VERY on brand and gorgeous. Today, we’ll address…

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How To Create A Custom Pinterest Board Cover For Your Brand

How to create custom pinterest board covers

Note:  this post was created in 2016 – so some of the dimensions below might not be current.  I quick google of “pinterest board cover dimensions – year” should do the trick for ya!  😉  How to have your brand stand out on Pinterest On Pinterest, you can’t create a big cover image/graphic to show…

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Create A Blog Post Image Template For Your Brand

Note – this was written for my old blog, so the graphics you see here don’t match this new website  (in case you’re confused) – don’t worry, the tutorial still applies to YOUR business 🙂 Create a template for your blog post images. This is a super smart thing for you to do – it…

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How To Make Sure Instagram Is Really Showcasing Your Brand

How to make sure your instagram in on brand

Time to give your Instagram a refresh! I’ve spent the past 2 days talking about Instagram – coming up with a clear game plan and taking better photos to use on Instagram or elsewhere. Today, the brand challenge prompt is to actually go in and update/spruce up your Insta account so that it feels more consistent with your brand story.…

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Tips For Taking Better Brand Photos To Share On Instagram

You’re going to need images for your brand! It’s a visual world out there and people want to SEE your brand, just as much (if not more) than they want to read about it. And, I know that many of you don’t have the luxury of hiring out a photographer to create your own custom…

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