Why I think brand clarity so dang important!

Why I think brand clarity is so dang important!

If you want to have your business stand out, you want to book more clients, get noticed, and attract more people into your circle… then branding is something you for sure should be thinking about. Maybe not ALL the time, but often. And when I talk about branding, I don’t mean your logo, or what…

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What do you BELIEVE? And how this can help with your brand

What do you believe? How this helps with your brand!

What I believe when it comes to business and doing work that we love   I believe in alignment. Being clear about who I am, what I stand for and making sure that the work I do is aligned with who I am, deep in my core. I believe in encouragement. Lifting people up to be brighter,…

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Create A Blog Post Image Template For Your Brand

Note – this was written for my old blog, so the graphics you see here don’t match this new website  (in case you’re confused) – don’t worry, the tutorial still applies to YOUR business 🙂 Create a template for your blog post images. This is a super smart thing for you to do – it…

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Give Your Blog Sidebar An Update

Give your blog sidebar and update

When was the last time your checked out your own blog sidebar? This is for sure one of those things that we tend to “set it and forget it.” It’s a place I often see with out of date offers, too much clutter, or an outdated message or vibe happening. For today’s challenge: go check out…

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Do you know the story your brand is telling?

This is challenge #3 of the 30 Day Brand Challenge. Be sure to sign up for the challenge to get access to worksheets, videos and other bonus material + get the daily prompts sent straight to your inbox. ★ Your brand has a story to tell. With any powerful story – there are key elements that…

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Blog To Grow Your Business Faster

Is your blog working hard to help you grow your business? Did you know that your blog is one of the best tools you have for letting people know what you and your business is all about? It’s prime real-estate to show off your personality, how you help clients, and what makes you unique. It…

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7 Tricks To Write Better Web Copy

Writing for the web is MUCH different that how we learned how to write in school. It’s much less formal and WAY more conversational. There are some easy things you can do to make sure that what you are putting out there on the digital screen is awesome. It’s time to write better web copy!…

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What I Learned From Graduating From College at 42

One month ago I graduated from college.  42 years old, 24/7 single mom and running my own business – and I did it! It took me 5 years, taking the minimum to qualify for full-time except for this last semester – which was BRUTAL – 19 credits, ouch! I’m so glad that I decided to…

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