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Are you ready to grow your business and your influence?

Now that you've created and started your business...

It's time to focus on GROWING your brand
and building up your income.

They key to doing that is not to take a bunch more courses, add a ton of new offers, or learn a brand new (sales funnel, launch, course, marketing) system.

The smart path?  > Focus in on YOUR magic and what YOU do best.

You've got to show up bright & bold and do the right work.

It's as simple as that.

What gets hard? Showing up consistently, staying focused, executing your plans, and keeping the joy + passion alive.


I see you over there...

Wondering how to get CONSISTENT and PREDICTABLE income. Worried about if it will turn out.

You aren't sure if you're working on the right stuff - because you have a GIANT list of things that "the experts" say you *should* be doing.

You feel like you are taking action, but things just aren't moving fast enough. You're working SO dang hard!

And it's crazy frustrating!  

Because you KNOW that you have something great to offer and you really, really want your business to succeed. But, you have doubts about your own abilities to grow and expand your business.

Well, enough of that! 

I believe in you and I KNOW you can do this! 


It's time to put a stake in the ground!

Make this year your chance to shine BRIGHT!

Grow your business to where you want it to be.

Make your goals happen!

And do all of this in a fun, supportive community! 

Welcome to:


The Bright Tribe is a group coaching program that teaches you how to GROW your business by building a strong personal brand.

We'll be focusing on:

Having a DYNAMIC Brand Presence

Showing Up - aka Being VISABLE

Strategic Planning

Taking the RIGHT Actions

Being Consistent

Staying Inspired and Focused
(at the same time!)

What this program requires:

A committment to DO THE WORK

A desire to BE VISABLE and show the world what you've got

A willingness to BE SUPPORTED and to surround yourself with an empowering community

INVESTING in yourself the same way you invest in the people you serve

You'll also have to be willing to say good-bye to:


Doing it alone

Feeling confused

Not taking action

Feeling overwhelmed

Holding back

Hiding out

Giving up

You'll create and build an inspiring personal brand that has your DREAM clients take notice and want to work with you.

You'll focus on doing the work you LOVE - not the work you *think* you should be doing.

You'll be bold in your action taking and find yourself being more DARING!

You'll show up and share your gifts with courage and committment.

You'll stop being so stressed and worried because the work you're doing to build your business is actually PRODUCING RESULTS.

You'll be consistent with your plans (which may sound boring, but is the secret sauce for making big stuff happen)

You will STOP spinning your wheels with busy work and instead be strategic about how you spend your time.

You'll love your work more and celebrate those big wins that make it all worth it.

When you don't step into your magic?

Stress and overwhelm take over right away, you work way too hard, and always feel like throwing in the towel.  Which is the worst, isn't it?

In this program, you're going to MASTER my tried and true formula for producing results and making inspiring business goals happen:


Being CLEAR gives you a direct path and keeps you inspired. (about your goals, your brand message, what to work on etc)



Focus on your strengths and what YOU DO BEST - work on the work that has maximum return with the greatest ease.



Be smart about how you spend your time! Planning your work (with clarity and strategy) leads to getting WAY more accomplished.



Take bold actions and stick to your planning - Easier said than done, but when you can master this, there is no stopping you!



Our plans never really "go to plan" - being able to adjust course, reset your goals and stay in the game is EVERYTHING. 


While being coached and supported, you will get REALLY good at doing these steps - to grow your business and build it to where you want it to be.

It's not always sexy doing this work, but WINNING sure is!
And that's what this coaching makes happen. 🙂

Get the support you need to THRIVE between now and the end of the year!

Weekly Coaching

Every Monday at 9am PST I will meet you on Zoom for coaching, accountability, strategy and support. 

Monthly Check-ins

Every month, you'll do an online check-in and planning form that gets sent to me for review and personalized feedback. 

Bonus Deep Dive Calls

Every other week, I make myself available to dive deep on subject that YOU request - from web design to social media strategy. 

Access To My Library

Get full access to all of my courses (past, present and future) that I've created to learn as needed.  Branding, course building, etc. 

Go from unclear, overwhelmed and doubtful to empowered, confident and CRAZY productive.

If you are committed to having
an AMAZING finish to 2019....

I'd love to have you join The Bright Tribe!

Save your seat in The Tribe:

(This is a small group program with limited spots available - starting July 1st and going until the end of 2019)


$ 575

  • One easy payment
  • Best value!
    (save over $200)
  • Access to my full course library
  • 6 months of coaching in The Bright Tribe


$ 330 / quarter

  • 2 easy payments
  • 1+ month for free!
  • Access to my full course library
  • 6 months of coaching in The Bright Tribe, with quarterly payments


$ 132 / month

  • Auto billed every month
  • Low monthly investment
  • Access to my full course library
  • 6 months of coaching in The Bright Tribe, with monthly payments

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Hello there!  I'm Lisa...

I'm a brand strategist, designer, and business coach at I work with other coaches, creative spirits and people who really just want to make a difference in our crazy world.

My goal - always - is to leave people feeling uplifted, nurtured and supported... more confident and ready for what life gives next.

In business, that means making sure you have what you need to SUCCEED, to produce results and make your business dreams happen.

It's not easy working for ourselves - with all that we have in our lives to distract and pull us from getting the work done.

Believe me - I know!  I'm a single mom to 2 creative kids, who need all kinds of attention. But, I've used the tools that we'll be working with in this program to do some amazing things - like put myself through college, with a kid still in diapers - while building a business AND dealing with a some challenging family situations.

I know how to prioritize, focus, and keep my spirits up while getting WAY more done than seems humanly possible.

And I like to have alot of fun while I do it!

I live in the Pacific Northwest, on a little island outside of Seattle. You can often find me out walking on the beach, making art with my kids, chasing orcas or laughing with my best friend.


I've created an amazing life, using the coaching tools that I've gathered and practiced while coaching thousands of people - over the past 20 years. That, along with my expertise in branding and online business means that I have LOTS to teach while we work together!

Wondering if The Bright
Tribe is for you?

It absolutely is, if you're someone who's ready to dig in and make magic happen with your business. 


Also, if...

You're a service provider or coach - you trade time for money and you aren't sure how to GROW your income without also growing your stress.

You want to work SMARTER - not harder! You'd love to spend more time on the things that you love.

You desire to grow your personal brand and be KNOWN in your industry as THE person to work with.

You want your work to MATTER and to feel like you're definitely making a difference.

You want to be supported and pushed and you work well when you surround yourself with people that share your values and goals.

This program is NOT for you if you're looking to "get rich quick" or find THE system that has all the answers. That's not how I roll and most programs like that don't take into account YOUR unique ways of working and getting things done.

What we're going to do is find YOUR system, YOUR way of doing things, and YOUR unique business formula.  

"Whenever I work with Lisa, my business gets moving in the right direction. 


I am more confident to take the actions I know I should be taking.  She seems to be able to bring out the best in me, especially when I can't see it in myself.  Not to mention, it's super fun!"

- Midge D.

"Lisa you are amazing and such a generous person!


This program was jam packed with thought provoking exercises and the rest of the people in the program were friendly and committed. You are skilled at teaching and demonstrating and are extremely creative.  I LOVE YOU MAN!!!"

- Randi B.

"It was so helpful to have, not just the tools and information that Lisa provided, but her live input on the calls.


Being able to ask questions, to get feedback in our Facebook group, and to share this process with other people who were in pretty much the same place I was was incredibly motivating."

- Donna M.

"That murky uncertainty is gone thanks to Lisa!


Before doing this, I was a jumble of ideas, hopes and passion for my brand. I knew I was being called to help other women, but I had no idea how to clarify exactly who was ideally suited to working with me or how to go about connecting with them.

I now not only know what my message is, I know who my work is best suited is, I know how to stay focused on this concept called 'being on brand'. It's so awesome to get clear and move forward so that I can help more women find the freedom, peace and magic we all deserve!"

- Kate L.

Confidence. Making A Difference. Business Results.

That's what The Bright Tribe is all about.

Register below to save your seat in the BEST community of women - we're here to help you amplify your brand, grow your business, and bring more joy and satisfaction into the day to day work of building your business. 

Save your seat in The Tribe:

(This is a small group program with limited spots available - starting July 1st and going until the end of 2019)


$ 575

  • One easy payment
  • Best value!
    (save over $200)
  • Access to my full course library
  • 6 months of coaching in The Bright Tribe


$ 330 / quarter

  • 2 easy payments
  • 1+ month for free!
  • Access to my full course library
  • 6 months of coaching in The Bright Tribe, with quarterly payments


$ 132 / month

  • Auto billed every month
  • Low monthly investment
  • Access to my full course library
  • 6 months of coaching in The Bright Tribe, with monthly payments

Have Questions?

Grab a cup of coffee.. let me see if I can take care of any questions that you might have...

Just click on any of the register now buttons on this page. You'll be redirected to a payment page where you'll choose your payment plan, enter your credit card information and BOOM> just like that you'll be on an amazing journey with me and the other people in the program.  

Yep, I feel ya!  We are SO busy and the hustle is real. Sometimes I seriously feel like I'm just go.go.going all the time. This program is designed to work on that. Because you can only go at 150% for so long.

We want to work SMARTER, not harder. We want to do less work, but have that work actually make us more money.  We want to focus on our genius and NOT on doing a bunch of stuff that people tell us we "should" be doing.

So, if you're feeling like you're stuck in the grind and way too busy that what you know is good for you... then this program is actually going to help.. BIG TIME! 

First, I'm going to send you a virtual fist bump to celebrate! 🙂  Then - watch you inbox. Within a day of signing up, I will send you a personal welcome email letting you know details about what there is to do next.

Yep! And you'll be glad you did.  🙂  Building and growing your business - in a way that is sustainable and that nourishes you as a business owner - that takes time. This will be a tight knit community of women, supporting each other in ways that you can't even imagine right now! 

So, yes, you do need to be "All IN" for the rest of the year and ready to see things shift in your business, your life and your sense of purpose. 

There won't be more than 40.  This ensures that I'll be able to support everyone - directly. I will come to know you and your business very in depth and the group will be a safe place for you to show up, stretch yourself and do the inner work that's neccesary to grow and evolve. 

The biggest difference is that with 1-on-1 coaching, you get my 100% attention on you and your business - on every single call. You're in the hot seat always and we are only focused on YOUR business. 

In a group coaching program like this - I'm not always going to be talking directly to you or working with you on your business. So you don't get as much direct support tailored to your unique business. 

But, the very cool thing about being in a group is the different perspectives and experiences that you get to learn from. Not everyone is in the same place, or working on the same things - BUT, there is always gold to gather and powerful things to discover that can ONLY happen in a group setting.  

Expansion and discovery can happen at a faster pace when a group of committed people come together. You'll find that there are things you didn't even realize you needed to work on - to be a better business owner and human - because of the group interactions.

Plus, because I'm able to work with more people at once, I can charge quite a bit less than I would with one on one coaching.  🙂

You can absolutely still do the program! You can send me things you'd like me to address ahead of time and you will FOR SURE want to schedule time to listen to the calls after they happen. 

Plus, we have our facebook group where you can jump in to get supported and build relationships with everyone.  AND, you'll have a monthly coaching assessment that will help you stay on track with your goals. 

You for sure want to make as many calls as you can, but if that just isn't possible.. you can still get TONS from the program. 

Lucky for you, that's impossible. How cool it that?  🙂 

Here's what I mean... this is not a COURSE, where you have specific things that you're learning and implementing. 

This is a coaching program. That means that I am meeting you right where you are and focusing on what there is to focus on in the moment.  

Maybe we'll look at why you feel behind and come up with strategies for being more productive. Maybe we'll refocus your plan to make it more doable. Who knows?  

But, you for sure CANNOT fall behind. All you need to do is keep showing up and bringing your desire to grow your business. KA-POW!  It works almost like magic. 

I will be on the weekly calls. Every week. 

I will also be in the facebook group - at least a few times per week to offer support, answer questions, brainstorm, give feedback, etc. 

Every month, you'll do an online assessment form to check in and let me know how things are going. I will directly reply to those each month giving you my take on things and suggestions for where to focus and what to work on.  

You can send me an email anytime with anything you need. 

And then, if you REALLY need a good old fashioned 1-on-1 session with me.. you can also book that at a special rate that I'll make available for everyone in the program. 

Have a different question than what's listed here?  Just send me a note and I will get back to you right away!


Become part of a dynamic community that is all about you SHOWING UP, taking action, producing results and building your business ... the SMART WAY
(aka with less struggle and more joy!)

The Bright Tribe is brought to you by Lisa Work and Be Bright Studio © 2019