Your brand is more than a logo or some fancy fonts – it's a beautiful love story between you and your customers.


I can help you tell that story in a brighter, bolder way.


Your brand is the heart and soul of your business. It’s what drives everything and shapes the way your business shows up in the world.

The VISUAL side of your brand – the colors, fonts, your graphics and imagery – all of that is also part of your brand and plays a big part in how people come to know you and your business.

The Bright Brand Package takes care of all of this – the heart and soul inner workings of your brand AND the visual side that’s going to help you tell your story – so you can CONFIDENTLY promote and share your business with the world.


Sometimes you just need to chat it out to get clarity. It's hard to sort through all the amazing ideas flooding your brain.

Or maybe you want someone "who knows" to review the work you've been doing on your own - to give you feedback and an objective, fresh set of eyes that will elevate the whole thing.

You can book me, my eyes and my rapid fire ability to zero in to the heart of your brand right here. A 60 minute rap session is $150.


A step-by-step DIY guide teaching you how to create your own amazing brand - full of life and personality!

If you want clarity - like FOR REALS - about your brand, this workshop is going to help you sort it all out. From articulating your values to getting to know your dream clients, choosing the right fonts, colors and imagery - we're going to go over  


If you KNOW you need an amazing looking brand, but you just don't feel confident creating something yourself - one of these branding kits just might do the trick!

You'll choose from one of my pre-made logo/brand kits and select a color and font package that's perfect for your biz. I'll then customize everything for you so you wind up with a gorgeous set of branding elements that will be as unique and awesome as you.


If you could use some insight into what makes your brand AMAZING, the brand quiz is a great place to start.

Once you take the quiz  - you'll be able to download your free brand starter kit. It goes deeper, giving you more insight + visual branding ideas - fonts, colors, imagery and other tidbits to get you thinking with fresh eyes about YOUR unique brand.