Are you a small business owner trying to get noticed online?

The secret to getting people interested in and excited to work with you is to create a beautiful, thoughtful brand that showcases your brilliance and expertise.

Which, of course, is easier said than done!

There is LOTS of advice out there about what makes a great brand, plus so many gorgeous examples that it's easy to get caught up in the "shiny object spiral" ...
leaving you never getting YOUR business brand nailed down.

Truth be told, it can be seriously overwhelming! 

That's why I created...


The Branding Roadmap is a straightforward 3-part series that walks you through the exact steps of creating, building and promoting your own unique brand.

Here's how the Roadmap is put together:

There are 3 individual courses in the series.

Each course can be taken on it's own, or grouped together with the other parts of the roadmap - whatever YOU need right now.

Each course will be taught live (on zoom) so you'll be able to get coaching, feedback and support.

BUT, there will also be videos, worksheets, and guides that will walk you through the process - step-by-step.

Let me teach you how to be your own brand designer, web developer, content creator, + social media maven... and give you TONS of confidence to get out there to share your magic with the world! 

The Roadmap Journey....

In this first course, we're going to nail down your brand identity. Like, for reals.

I've created a tried and true method for getting clear about who you are, what you stand for, how you want to be known, what you have to say and who the perfect people are for you to work with (and how to attract them). Plus, I'll show you how to create the visual elements that will gorgeously communicate the heart and soul of your business.

Sounds awesome, right?

I know this stuff can be crazy overwhelming, but don't worry - I've been teaching this for awhile and I know how to guide you to the finish line!


What we're going to cover:

Learn why branding matters you can use this as a powerful tool for growing your business.

What are the key elements of an effective brand? you can create something that attracts the perfect customers that want to work with you!

Get clarity about YOUR brand message you can speak with authority and confidence about what you do.

Define your brand's deliciously unique voice and vibe - your magic! your customers will feel connected and part of something that's truly special.

How to create the visual elements of your brand - logo, colors, fonts, and imagery you can feel polished, recognizable, and ready to be SEEN.

Design a moodboard and personalized branding guide your visuals stay true to the essence of your distinct brand.

Learn how to use Canva you can easily create your own graphics and marketing materials.

 All the info you need to know about this 4 week course:

Starts on Monday, Feb 24th

Ends on Friday, March 20th

Weekly calls: Wednesdays at 9am PST

All of the calls will be recorded

17+ How to Videos

Helpful Worksheets

Weekly Action Plan

Course Fee: $120

 In the second course of this series, I'm going to teach you how to BUILD a gorgeous, perfectly "on brand" website.

You need a place to show up, and show off your new brand. A place to call home, to share what you're all about. You want to feel proud of your website so that you'll be confident and inspired to invite people to come check out what you do.  AND you want your online home to help you grow your business, am I right?

This course will teach you how to build a website that gets the job done!  We'll be using wordpress, but you can apply the principals here to squarespace, wix, etc.

website templates

What we're going to cover:

How to strategically plan your website content you can build something that has punch and produces what you want for your business.

Tech Support - like buying a domain, setting up wordpress, getting hosting, custom emails, etc. you don't get overwhelmed trying to figure out the mechanics of owning and creating your own website.

WordPress Basics you'll feel confident working on the backend of your website.

Web Design 101 you can create something that is wonderful to interact with for your customers.

Writing for the web you can engage potential customers and turn them into paying clients!

How to choose and customize templates your website is unique, beautiful, on brand, and getting the job done!

Putting together a sales process, taking payments and writing effective sales copy people can easily buy what you have to offer.

Blogging for small business owners you can build your reputation and connect with your audience.

All the info you need to know about this 8 week course:

Starts on Monday, March 30th

Ends on Friday, May 22nd

Weekly calls: Wednesdays at 9am PST

All of the calls will be recorded

30+ How to Videos

Helpful Worksheets

Weekly Action Plan

Course Fee: $220

 In this third course, we are going to focus
on PROMOTING your new brand so you can
grow your following.

Creating a gorgeous brand and website are just the first steps in creating a powerful brand presence.  Once you have your online home set up, it's time to start letting the world know that you are here and that you have something amazing to offer!

This course is going to teach you how to create a brand STRATEGY - so you'll have a roadmap for how and when you're going to speak out, what you're going to say, how you're going to engage your audience, and what platforms you're going to use.


What we're going to cover:

What makes an effective brand/showing up strategy? you won't feel like you're throwing arrows in the dark, you'll have a plan and a vision for how you're going to show up in the world.

Branding your social media you can become recognizable and KNOWN as your unique brand voice.

All things Instagram you'll feel confident showing up and sharing your vision.

Facebook strategy you can grow your audience and connect with your people.

Pinterest Basics you can utilize this search engine to help people find you!

Creating and using templates to stay on brand you can save time, but still look extremely polished.

Photography Tips your images look professional and tell the story of your brand.

All the info you need to know about this 6 week course:

Starts on Monday, June 1st

Ends on Friday, July 10th

Weekly calls: Wednesdays at 9am PST

All of the calls will be recorded

15+ How to Videos

Helpful Worksheets

Weekly Action Plan

Course Fee: $120

You can take all 3 courses in order and go through the whole process with me - start to finish. OR, just sign up for whichever course you need right now.

Wherever you're at on the journey,
The Roadmap will guide you toward your next goal.


When you sign up for an individual course - or all 3 at once - before February 4th, you'll save 50% off the normal price.


Step #1
CREATE your Brand Identity

$ 120
Starts on Feb 24th

  • Get clear on the heart and soul of your business - your vision and purpose
  • Create a unique vibe and personality for your business
  • Clarify your messaging and WHO you're talking to
  • Create all of your brand assets so you look as gorgeous and smart as you are!

Step #2
BUILD you Online

$ 220
Starts on March 30th

  • STRATEGICALLY plan your website + blog
  • Learn wordpress + get lots of tech support
  • Design a beautiful website that is perfectly "on brand"
  • Develop your brand's written voice
  • Create a sales strategy that produces results

Step #3
EXPAND your Reach & Visibility

$ 120
Starts on June 1st

  • Create your brand plan - how you're going to show up and be known
  • Brand your social media
  • Learn effective strategies for Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest
  • Get better at creating graphics and photos that will have your brand stand out

Early bird pricing ends in:

Hello there!  I'm Lisa...

I'm a brand strategist, designer, and business coach at I work with other coaches, creative spirits and people who really just want to make a difference in our crazy world.

My goal - always - is to leave people feeling uplifted, nurtured and supported... more confident and ready for what life gives next.

In business, that means making sure you have what you need to SUCCEED, to produce results and make your business dreams happen.

It's not easy working for ourselves - with all that we have in our lives to distract and pull us from getting the work done.

Believe me - I know!  I'm a single mom to 2 creative kids, who need all kinds of attention. But, I've figured out a proven method for teaching people how to create their brand and their online spaces - in the easiest way possible!

I'd love to support you on your journey!

I live in the Pacific Northwest, on a little island outside of Seattle. You can often find me out walking on the beach, making art in my studio, chasing orcas or laughing with my favorite people.


I've created an amazing life, using the coaching tools that I've gathered and practiced while coaching thousands of people - over the past 20 years. That, along with my expertise in branding and online business means that I have LOTS to teach while we work together!

If you have any questions, or wonder if these set of course are a good fit for you - send me a note, I'm always happy to chat and get you pointed in the right direction.

The Branding Roadmap is brought to you by Lisa Work and Be Bright Studio © 2020