How to Deliver an Awesome, Well-Branded Newsletter

How to deliver an awesome newsletter

Does your newsletter tell your brand story?

There are many things to think about when bringing your brand to your newsletter.

A newsletter is a great way for you to get to know your readers – and for them to get to know you. It’s also a way for you to connect and showcase the very best of your brand + promote what you have to offer.

Think about the newsletters that you regularly open and read – what has you do that?

Most likely it’s because those businesses have something to share with you that you’re interested in. They have products you think about buying, they have advice that makes sense and is super duper useful, their stories are engaging and you enjoy hearing what they’re up to, etc.

YOU get something out of opening up. 

So, what about your own newsletter? Does it tell your brand story? Does it paint a picture and show off what makes your business so dang awesome?

There are many small details to address, but 2 basic things to think about –

1.  The DESIGN of your newsletter and having it be on brand and consistent with all of your other visuals.

2. Your Brand Story being told in a way that’s compelling, useful, inspiring and/or entertaining for your person. So that they will want to open up.

The second concern – your brand story and message – will inform the first – the design.

If you’re a painter – you’ll want to show off your work and let people get to know you as an artist. That is what your content will mostly be about. The design of your newsletter should be something that beautifully shows off your work – photos and visuals so people can see what you’re creating.

If you’re a health coach – you might want to share recipes, or health tips, or other useful stuff that current and potential clients would love to receive in their inbox.  Again, the design will stem for there – do you want feature boxes for recipe links – how many?

If you’re a yoga teacher – your newsletter might have announcements of upcoming classes as well as any thoughts your readers might like to hear about – how to navigate the changing seasons, a cool resource you found, etc. Your newsletter will need a nice looking list or grid for your schedule and a letter/article section.

If you make jewelry – you might share sales, coupons, and photos of things in your shop. You could also share gift idea lists, talk about your process – let people get a sneak peek of new products in the works, etc. A nice grid layout with images that link directly to your shop would be an awesome solution!

There are SO MANY options for you with your newsletter. And, my advice is always going to be – think about YOUR brand, YOUR audience, and YOUR message – what kind of newsletter would best serve and support both your business needs and the people that you’d like to work with?

Really think about that and do some brainstorming until you come up with a game plan for how you want to use your newsletter and the kind of space you want to create – as you show up in potential customer’s inboxes.

You’ve GOT to make it valuable for them, or they’ll just ignore, delete, unsubscribe and move on. 

Then, once you have a game plan – sketch out some ideas for how you could best lay out the actual newsletter to accomplish your goals.

Finally, go into your newsletter service and create a template that is going to brilliantly work for your brand.

All providers are going to have different variables and options for what you can or you can’t do – design wise. So you’ll have to investigate and work with what’s available.

I personally use mailchimp – I love the flexibility it gives me to design newsletters that work really well with my brand, and it’s an easy system to use.

You can see some examples of what’s possible with mailchimp (and get some ideas for your own letter) here. 

So.. your brand challenge for today is to:
  1. Come up with a game plan, an intention, a purpose for your newsletter that is the very best way to communicate your brand story and connect with your dream clients.
  2. Plan out a design that would work best for accomplishing #1.
  3. Go in and design something using your brand visuals and marketing message.

When in doubt, just keep it really simple. So long is your brand is present and you’re thinking about all of the above, it will get it’s job done. You don’t need a fancy, slick newsletter to impress your people – your brand story and message will do that for you!