How to brand the SIGN UP process for your newsletter

How to brand your mailchimp signup process.

Let’s look at the way that people sign up for your newsletter.

Yesterday, I talked about your free opt-in offer to entice people to sign up for your mailing list. But, what about the process that they go through when they actually sign up?

How do things look?

Are you using your brand voice and using every opportunity in the process to tell your brand story?

Often times we set these things up and forget about them – but what you wrote a year, or even 6 months ago, may not truly represent what your brand is all about TODAY.

Or maybe you didn’t even really think about it and just went with whatever came out of the box from the mailing list provider you use.

Well, today is the day to get in there, re-examine things, and clean anything up that could use a good spruce up.

Here’s how I’d go about this: 

  1. Sign up for your own list – use an email that you haven’t used before – or if you are subscribed to your own letter and you don’t have an alternate email, just delete yourself and resubscribe.
  2. As you go through each step – look at and read everything, every step of the way. I personally like to make any changes that need to be made right away, before I examine the next step. Or, you can just take notes and go in to do it in the end. Up to you.
  3. Make whatever changes you see would bring the whole process more inline with your brand.
  4. Then, delete yourself again and go test it all one more time. I’m a big fan of testing to make sure your links are working, checking for typos (I make LOTS of them!) and that any images are displaying properly.

And that’s it. It’s a simple process, but can make a big impact, helping you to really establish your brand.

You have to remember that people often sign up on their first visit to your site – so your opt-in sequence is a first impression of sorts. This means it’s a great opportunity to really let this new person know more about your business and the difference your brand makes in the world.

So do this today! Your brand wants to shine everywhere you show up in the world. Especially here with your opt-in sequence.

A couple of tips if you use Mailchimp:

To edit the opt-in sequence, from your dashboard, click LISTS up at the top. Then to the right of the list you’re wanting to edit (you may just have one), click on the little arrow to open the drop down:

step 1


Then select Sign Up Forms. 

From there, choose General Forms:

step 3


Then, you can select which step of the process you want to edit. A lot of these setting apply to all of the steps – so the header image you use will be the same for every step of the process. Make sure to use something that works and makes sense for each action.

step 4

For example, don’t have something that says, “sign up for my newsletter” because it’s going to be the same image/graphic that goes out in your thank you confirmation that they get AFTER they sign up, so “sign up for my newsletter” doesn’t make sense, right?

For each of these steps – the sign up form, the confirmation, etc.. you can edit the words, add images, tell your story, let people know what your brand is all about.

So, go through each of them and edit the sections that you see:



After you have all of your MESSAGE and words complete, the next step is to go through each and every option in the edit section and make whatever changes you want to make to have this process look and feel consistent with your brand. Take your time and try different things, see what all the different choices do and how it affects the way your opt-in process looks.

The top level options will open up new options underneath.

step 5

There really is a ton you can do, even though the opt-in process doesn’t give you as many options as the actual newsletter templates (which we’ll talk about tomorrow). So play around with it until you have things how you want them.

Then, of course, test and test again to make sure everything gets sent out the way you want it and you’re done.

Let me know if you have any questions and have fun with this one!